1 Teletype, 2 Ansibles struggle

I’d like to have two Ansibles as I have a Grid and an upcoming Arc4. And I haven’t understood form reading the docs how I’d adress the 2 Ansibles. I’ve read the bit about changing the overall II adress, but I can’t figure out how I’ll do the adressing in a patch. I haven’t used TT at all, but plan firmly on learning everything! So this might be a very noobish question… :slight_smile:

see the subheading “II Address for Multiple Ansible” under the “Teletype” section:


Ok, got it! But what would you do if hypothetically you’d have two Grids and you’d want to run Kria on both, but adress them both independently from Teletype?

that’s not presently supported.

Whoa! Quick answer. Ok, great. That clears things up. Thanks!

also, two grids, whoa. i haven’t even done that.


Well, the idea was more of hot-pluggin’. I’m more than satisfied with my one grid and Arc4… :slight_smile:, but I’ll get a second Ansible, so I can run both.

Hi. I was pondering a similar question.

@tehn - is it possible to use one TT to control two Ansible if they’re running different modes? For examples, if one Ansible is running Kria and the other is running MP, could the single TT control both of them at once?

I really want to use CV/Gate inputs to manipulate Kria and MP in a generative way, and I’m considering a setup with one Grid, one TT, and two Ansible.

I’ve not tested this yet (and I can’t find the reference quickly) but i recall it was stated that each mode appears unique to TT so you can address multiple ansibles as long as they are running in different modes. Similar to the way a WW running orca and one running standard firmware could both be referenced from one TT.

yes. i haven’t tried, but it is designed to work this way.

Thanks for the quick replies. Sounds like what I have in mind should work, so I’m going to order some parts and give it a try.

I just got 2 ansibles and a teletype - how do I connect em together considering TT has one connector and so does ansible…so I can Connect one obviously - but how do I connect 2?

Sorry for the totally newb question

Btw I’ve read all the ansible documentation (I did before I bought 2 so I could address them) I don’t know how to physically cable them together…at present one ansible has power only going to it as the i2c connector is tied up with ansible 1

Uhaaa! Seems the multi able connector was wedged in the packaging :slight_smile:

For about 30 minutes my head was mush :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that it turned out to be a simple solution! :slight_smile:

I have two Ansibles connected to my Teletype. I can address both successfully in Teletype mode. I am successfully addressing the first unit in Kria mode, but I’m not able to communicate with the second one running Cycles. Any clues on getting both to work at the same time?

UPDATE: Realized that one addresses the second unit channels with same numbering scheme as when they are in generic Teletype mode. Got it working! So now I’m controlling/reading Kria on one, accessing Levels on the second unit, and firing trigs and CV to the ER-301. It’s actually working! This is bonkers.


I did a quick test on my Instagram story…dudadius.

Doing a youtube patch now.