10.11.1 El Capitan issue with 2015 128 grid

I’m having the same problem with my 2015 128 grid on 10.11.1.

serialoscd is running:

but I don’t see any monome in /dev:

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was it previously working on 10.10 and you just upgraded?

have you tried manually installing the FTDI driver? (i know that an apple-version is included in the OS now, but perhaps it is broken?)

i’m trying to upgrade in order to troubleshoot this, but the apple store isn’t letting me download it-- leading me to believe they want me to buy a new fucking computer.

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Yes, it was working under Yosemite. I haven’t installed the FTDI driver.

I’m going to try that and a couple other things later this afternoon.

I’m running El Capitan on a couple of fairly old computers, FWIW.

good to hear they’re working on older computers (i’m on a 2011 macbook air that runs with complete adequacy). i have no idea if i’ll be able to resolve my not-updatable-ness easily-- short of formatting the system (i want to dual boot linux anyway).

I’m not near it right now to check but I want to say one MacBook Pro is from 2008. The MacBook Air is from 2010. The mbp I’m using the monome with is from 2015.

It occurred to me after I created this topic that I need to remove a USB hub from the equation, and I’m also going to try one or both of the other macs to see if there’s something specific to this computer or not.

If I eliminate my USB hub everything works fine.

Not quite sure what to do about this. I kinda need every USB port I have.

any chance you can try a different hub? that’s a painful new problem to show up.

This (admittedly somewhat comical) powered hub does not work with the grid under El Capitan (but did work with the grid under Yosemite):

But the grid works fine with this hub (that I can’t find the AC adapter for, so it’s running purely on USB power):

I can make this situation work. Would be really neato if somebody had a recommendation for a very reliable and ridiculously large USB hub similar to the Manhattan linked above. I bought that thing almost as a joke, but eventually came to realize that I really do have a large number of USB thingies I’d like to keep plugged in, so it’s less of a joke now.

anker makes nice hubs.

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My new Anker hub works great. Thanks so much for the recommendation.