10 years / broadcasting on may 21

saturday may 21. music in the woods, creekside, and amidst what promises to be a startlingly large bonfire. we’ll be broadcasting live and invite you to join us in celebration.

(broadcast times and link details posted here day of event)

this may marks the 10th year of monome. i’m still processing this moment. thank you all for being part of the journey. more ahead.


ps. in case you’re not on the mailing list: http://letter.monome.org/t/i-DA7B54C32CFA0A05

saturday may 21

all times EST

11am - farm scene 1: morning - mix by kelli
2pm - farm scene 2: midday - mix by brian
7pm - farm scene 3: evening - various
8-9pm-ish: lighting of the fire followed by live performances by trent and brian
then: the fire burns


Ten years! Congrats on the longevity. Certainly I hope Novation, Livid and Ableton get together and send you a cake for the broadcast.

Given your output in the past year, it feels like you’re just getting warmed up too.

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Here’s to many more years of exploration and good times.

20 characters worth of thumbs ups.



this community has grown a lot
Will watch this for sure

I’m warming up my arc4 for the future…

happy birthday and thanks for all the inspirational instruments and music - intrigued about the new secret thing…

congratulations brian and kelli; what you’ve accomplished has been pure magic!

p.s. beautiful pic above; wish I was there right now

Happy birthday ! Damn, this doesn’t make me feel younger as well !

heartfelt congratulations!

!!! this is going to be so rad !!!


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Congratulations indeed.
I still remember seeing that demo video of the 40h (or whatever it was called) with green LEDs, with an early mlr, and that 60hz mediation thing. Seemed so crazy/alien at the time!

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This one? It’s the one that did it for me…


Yup that’s the one!
It’s crazy how far it’s come along (in terms of design/interfacing) while still retaining the fundamental monome-ness.

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And here’s the earliest video I remember encountering that featured a crazy many button light-up thingy. Blew my mind…


that’s a nice reminder of how i first found out about all of this- the video that killed me was:

can’t imagine how kelli and brian feel after 10 years… if you would have told me 9 years ago when i got into this that a present day me would have gone on the journey i’ve experienced so far, i could not have predicted such a lasting and deep adventure that these people have given to me!!!

thank you for everything, you have been a constant inspiration and refuge through these many years!


Only got into Monome in Dec 2015, so congrats from a newbie – here’s to the next 10 years!

[ _______ evidence ________ ] (https://www.flickr.com/photos/monome)


thanks for this nifty look back! i recognize several friendly faces, as i met them for the first time in 2011 at SCUM2 and the monomeet performance later that year. so many folks have been around since the beginning.

also, i never knew that the keypads on the earliest 40h units were handmade.

were you using a prototype 128 with the 200e here?

also also, pineapple for scale.

were you using a prototype 128 with the 200e here?

nah, that’s two 40h’s. i’m guessing peter’s (portable sunsets.)