1010 Music Blackbox - Compact Sampling Studio

interesting… this could be a fun, immediate sampler/loop grabber. especially if it allows for asynchronous loops of arbitrary length.


If it doesn’t, it probably will. They seem very receptive to user comments and they post frequent firmware updates.

oh wow 6 stereo outputs


It’s actually 3 stereo outs (but I had to stop watching when he started playing his presets).


haha ya whhoops meant to say 6 outputs.

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Been waiting for something like this! I wish people would make more portable dedicated samplers:(


very interested in this… but so many questions… like what sort of editing it has and if it’s more of a “rhythmic” “sequenced” groove box kind of device or is capable of long “ambient” passages without constant retriggers and the like.

but, if this is the exact same thing as the the eurorack module (is it?) then i guess i can look at that manual…

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Oh, that’s very interesting…

i read the euro module stored shorter samples/loops in ram, and could play 4 very long samples/loops at once from the sd card.

also wondering… my guess is that it’s different hardware since it’s also running a sequencer and fx section.

i hope it has very in depth midi cc mapping (hello 16n)

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ah, there’s a sequencer… yeah… hopefully that can be ignored… or, more specifically, there would be the ability to just play and loop samples without needing to “sequence” them… just let a bunch of samples independently loop…

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If it’s like the bitbox you can use it like a Dr Sample and just toggle on/off long loops from the touch screen.


lots of questions answered over on the muffs thread… the thing seems great! (just hope they add some LFOs or a resonant filter),. but as a 16-track asynchronous looper with more features than your standard looper pedal… maybe hard to beat…



I played with it for just a few minutes this weekend at Synthplex conference — it was fun and it seemed intuitive to get around despite the fact I had no idea what I was doing : ]

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So, why this and not an SP-202?

Nice to see another sampler on the market though.

My big question is: does it overdub?


i like this way more as a tabletop thing than as a module. keen to see how this shapes up!

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wow USB power is actually a huge plus for me if it can run off the battery we have.

At that price does it really have any advantages over a Digitakt (other than being slightly smaller)?


Stereo samples if nothing else.


Multiple audio output groups

Clock synced loop recording and launching (i know this is less of a draw for ambient work)

Polyphonic sample playback

Sample slicing (and auto slice)

Usb host

Sd card storage