1010 SynthBox

Anyone out there with experience of the 1010 synthbox module, keen on your views as i am just about to pull the trigger on one

hi kenny, i have the bitbox and loving it so much!
great thing of this module is that you can switch from their firmwares bitbox - fxbox - synthbox
still have to try the synthbox but it looks great, i’ll try to send you some feedback if i have some time to try it next days
bt i’m pretty shure if you pull the trigger you won’t regret

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have you tried the fx box firmware, if so what is the quality of the fx

i’ve the bitbox too
great module
having some problem with 1v/o from teletype to bitbox to control index slicing

Toolbox looks intriguing. But I think I’d rather spend that kind on money on a TT.

Bumping this old topic. I picked up a used FXBox on a whim for super-cheap, and the Synthbox firmware has really blown me away. It can load very high-resolution wavetables output from Serum (personally, I’m using the Galbanum Architecture Wavetables), and it sounds better than the other Euro wavetable options that I’ve used.

Most pertinent to this forum: It integrates extremely well with Monome gear, as it has four voices that take in CV and Gates (along with 3 modulation signals per voice). That means that Kria and/or Teletype are perfect partners for sequencing it. I just started my experiments with this, so hopefully I come up with some audio that I’m happy enough with to share. It just seemed crazy that this isn’t a more popular combo with the Monome modules!


Wow, had never encountered these before. Looks quite a bit more convenient than AKWF!

Yeah! It’s a goldmine. I’m particularly fond of the UHF (ultra-high frequency) tables that are perfect for old-school glitch sounds. They add quite a bit of aliasing and fuzziness to low-frequency tones.

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