104 hp inspiration

Hi! I’ve got a very noob question, I know there is already threads about it, but I don’t feel secure…

Being this my current setup, can I plug a 128 grid without having any power related issues? The rack is a Make Noise powered Skiff, which I’m sure you already know. http://www.makenoisemusic.com/cases/skiff

My answer would be a Yes with no doubt, but I would feel more confident with a couple of opinions.

Thanks in advance!


The MN skiff is rated: 12VDC up to 1.2A, -12VDC up to 1A, +5VDC up to 1A. I’d guess you can.


that looks like a really fun rack
never would have thought to link ansible with all that MI

I really love arc controlling Braids with Pluck “mode” and a BluSky/El Capistan combo… I could be happy with just that… but… you know… GAS

I’ll go to plug in here a grid, but I need to be sure I won’t have power issues with it, just in case all burns…

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I have 2 MN skiffs and run similar power draw in mine. Have had no problem. They are rated for about double what you are asking. I’ve always heard that’s about where you want to keep things.

Yes, I know, as it is I won’t have any problems. I was worried because of the warning at the top of this page: http://monome.org/docs/modular/whitewhale/

But I suppose I won’t burn anything so I’ll give it a try.


you have a max 1A on the +5v rail and the grid is asking for 600mA and you don’t have anything else that uses the +5v rail so you’re good to go :slight_smile:

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not really, note that ansible doesn’t draw from the 5v line, rather has its’s own 12v to 5v, so everything is drawn from 12v. this is my superficial knowledge, someone else please chime in to make the conversion…

edit: nevermind, it’s max 200 mA…

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Wow, didn’t notice that, so I can plug a grid without problem.

It’s curious how in White Whale there’s so much current drawing with the grid and not in Ansible.


as I already mentioned my electrical knowledge is veery limited. but it’s 600mA at 5V. when converting to 12v it boils down to that it seems…

I could also imagine 600 mA being a worst case scenario with all leds on, I remember reading somewhere about needing more or less half the current from 12v than the amount it draws 5v from a converter…

(I know this isn’t a feedback session, just about power, but 2p: you really need more modulation sources and ‘boring’ utilities. That is too much shiny! Clouds and Rings both adore modulation, and, in particular, subtle modulation. Rings has attenuators on its CV ins, but Clouds doesn’t. The two tap LFOs in Peaks can be attenuated with knob 1, though Tides can’t be attenuated. And if you’re using Peaks as a pair of LFOs, your only envelope option is Tides. If you like MI, Shades is a very cost-effective three channel attenuverter and mixer.

Similarly, whilst Frames can be used as a VCA… it’s also possibly overkill for what you need now. Something like a Tangle Quartet would give you four channels of VCA in 8HP, and free up space for more boring utilities; a buffered mult might be handy if you want to send Ansible CV to multiple destinations, for instance, and you possibly can’t get away with stackables. That said, Ripples and Tides both have internal VCAs on their outputs, and Rings doesn’t always need one (though you can do interesting things with one).

Regardless: that is a lot of sound sources and not much modulation/manipulation - remember, Tides is an excellent VCO/voice in its own right.).


frames should be awesome for stepped modulation though, shouldn’t it? but I agree some attenuators def. won’t hurt

I guess - it just feels very large (and a bit pricey) in a rack devoid of cheap attenuation/multing. And of course, for stepped modulation, it’ll require a CV source to scrub through the frames; Tides would be good for this, but is the best use of Tides stepping through Frames?

I suppose what I’m saying, despite having a lot of MI myself, I’m just wary of racks with a lot of shiny and not a lot of utilities - especially when modules like Clouds and Rings kinda need modulation sources to get the most interesting/diverse results.


Thanks for your feedback about the setup, I agree with you. But in fact, I lied just a little…

…my current rack is this one:

I really like Mutable Instruments, so I thought about building one just with their modules. Today the mailman brought me Clouds and Rings, Tides next week.

Mangrove and Maths will go onto another rack, bur first I want to go the only-mutable-instruments way, I think it could be interesting.

My primary use for Clouds it’s not VCA or modoluation source, I use it as a mixer/panner.


I recently made a mutable-heavy skif as well! Grouped an ansible, mutables & some odds and ends into the make noise skiff, working just fine power-wise (think it is very close to yours @ 750mA or so) and I’m enjoying the contained nature/scope of the thing. Mostly running the braids in FBFM and using the timbre knob as a pseudo-filter which freed up some space to drop in the cold mac

Re: VCA-wise are you using the internal one in Braids and mangrove?


I use the VCA on Mangrove, yes. Braids is almost always on Pluck so don’t really need one, when it does I use the one on Ripples. What do you think about Cold Mac? I don’t really understand what it does…

Love the upside down Ansible, will copy you!


Since we’re all sharing skiffs…here is what I’ve got set up:

The MUTE 4 serves as a quick on/off channel mixer for the Tangle Quartet VCA, in case you were curious.

The next 126HP row I’m planning does have a Braids and a Rings in it. . .and an OD-301. . .I’m feeling very GAS-Y right now…


inspiring to see everyone’s use of 104hp!

here’s my somewhat unfocused skiff right now. weird modulating sampler kinda thing.


@tambouri @bobbcorr @madeofoak What for are you using Cold Mac? You’re getting me very curious about it…