104 hp inspiration

Here’s the relevant section in the docs: https://monome.org/docs/modular/ansible/#scale


I was selling an Expert Sleepers ES-8 to help fund a strong consolidation into a MN Shared System, when I realized (after a few helpful comments on the Disquiet Slack) the modules that were leftover when I built the MN system made a very nice Hybrid Skiff. I canceled the sale and decided to ride the debt for a while in the interest of art. [1]

ES-8 for control via VCV Rack or Bitwig, Ears for some additional envelope / gate / weird noise, VCO / LPG, Filter, Phonogene and Clouds for knob twiddling, mixer. All in all a super useful system when combined with a laptop.

Absolutely zero master planning there, it just sort of happened.

[1] I don’t recommend incurring debt to build modular instruments. [2]
[2] Unless the art is super amazing. Then you’re creating world debt by not introducing the art into the world. So maybe our ideas about capital and debt can’t really explain what you’re doing here. We need new words.[3]
[3] Seriously though, debt is super bad. Make sure you can keep yourself and your people warm and well fed.


close-to-final 3u/104hp for an upcoming duo gig, also as an escape from my 6u which I’d been feeling lost in:

considering swapping out the Poti for my other Zlob Dual VCA, maybe flashing Sheep with Tides. basically going for more hands-on control over events (Ears n Peaks), intersecting with slower shapes and events from Marbles and Batumi.


another LxD
something to do more creative logic/mixing of signals and events.


This new Batumi firmware might help you dump the poti.


Over the last year I built a 15u monster case filled with fun, but it can be overwhelming. As many people on this forum have discovered, less can be more. This thread inspired me a bit to try putting together a smaller performance rig for focused music making. Here’s my latest 104hp inspiration setup, paired with a Kawai piano I’ve had for years:

On the far right, Marbles feeds gates/cvs to a Doepfer A-192-2 CV/MIDI, which plays the piano. The results go back into Morphagene, and the results there go stereo to both the Tapgraphic Delay and the Erbe-Verb, and get mixed together. I can also play on top of that using another voice from the Piano. I struggled a bit with using Morphagene in a live looping mode, but I’m slowly getting better at it. But the sound was interesting and it kept me entertained for hours. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an Intellijel 4u 104hp case on the way, so I’ve drafted this setup. Mostly Doepfer and Make Noise, using a couple of classic synths as jumping off points. The blind 1u panels will house some DIY momentary switches, and hopefully some FSRs. The Erbe-Verb will mostly be used as a feedback machine.


Needed to take out my two Chronoblobs to make room for a WMD Sequential Switch Matrix in my main 9u 104hp case, which will feel perfect for me once I get a second Sisters and eventually a crow. But I really love Chronoblob and delay is my favourite and most used effect, so I’m thinking of putting together something like this:

A non-essential effects expander for my main case, but also an effects box for processing any other external gear, and expander for norns. I’ve left 2hp to the right for crow. Would be loads of fun!

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late thanks for this pointer. super duper helpful firmware mod.

this looks like a good time. really like the idea of FSRs and manual switches on the bottom 1u row.

what i’ve really enjoyed getting back to with the rack posted above is the Ears/Peaks on the left side for a lot more hands on engagement with what’s happening.

Yeah, I considered Ears for a while, but I think it’s got too many features that I don’t need (i.e. I would just be using it as a manual gate, so this would probably be more useful).

Also considering the Doepfer Trautonium Ribbon module for some slightly ridiculous pressure control. There’s a guy in London who improvises with one and he gets amazing results.

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The Doepfer Ribbon is great and has some useful options like being able to hold a voltage or go back to zero when you let go. It’s one of only a couple of modules that I have ever sold and then rebought at some point.

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I already have Ears (and am on a purchase hold) I definitely use it for many things, an exciter, manual gate, and very wobbly modulation via the Env out.

that ADDAC module looks really delightful tho.

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Current setup. Only thing missing is a small passive mult that I’ll build later!

Trying to go for a more hybrid setup, where computer is interacting with the modular via my Motu interface. First days in this configuration, time and practice will surely make this setup evolve…


What MOTU are you using? Are you running modular levels into it or going out through the pico output?

i like the look of this and it basically taunts my selection of oscillators no smaller than 12hp


Motu Ultralite (standard one), normally everything goes through the pico output. I didn’t try to send modular signals simply because inputs are not DC coupled, so impossible to send CV. For audio signals I prefer to keep my cables simple, so I tend to favorise one stereo instead of two mono or more outs.

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Thought I’d share my most recent 104hp amalgamation as well:

Loving what can be done with it!


New case has arrived. Still quite empty but I’m excited for the new direction!


You should try a Dixie or Mangrove (my fav) in your rig some day.

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Silver on silver looks great.