104 hp inspiration


image https://llllllll.co/uploads/default/original/3X/b/9/b92bbdba95096306cf0b783faff6a93aae81d03b.jpeg

  • clock
  • oscillator
  • oscillator
  • filter
  • ?
  • random source
  • envelope/Leo/utility
  • VCA
  • ?
  • ?




I’d rather have more ideas shared in one place than a lot of fragmented topics, myself. 4U 104hp is a lot more constrained than a 6U 208hp case.

Is my Structure EP-96 allowed to play?

Can’t upload current state of the case because my phone does not love Modulargrid :slight_smile:


image https://llllllll.co/uploads/default/original/3X/e/7/e706716ebc66313738701b49c307288c20fd068d.jpg

  • touch/tactile input
  • oscillator
  • filter
  • utility/LFO/envelope
  • granular delay reverb?
  • VCA
  • ?


  • Squiggles / LFO / noises
  • Dusty noises
  • Functions / oscillations
  • Oscillations / functions / VCAs
  • Filter / mixing / hair
  • Sequencer / touch control / CV memory
  • Pulses / bouncing balls
  • Shquarses


@soggybag I guess broadly speaking this fits the System Cartesian model, with some “redundancy” between Just Friends and either Maths or the Mangroves (although, like, in actual fact no redundancy).

  • uhhh, everything you can dream up / sequencer
  • sequencer (well, with LFOs if I get an Arc)
  • pure bliss
  • calculus class, also envelopes
  • oscillator
  • “spice in your modular melange” / meta-modulation
  • oscillator
  • filters
  • LPG
  • persistence / futurenows / loopers / delays / samplers

Would love ergonomics suggestions, though! currently I’ve got it as below, which works really well, the Clouds provides a good amount of cushion room for playing w/ W/. I suspect that the LxD would do so as well.


You could free up some hp with a uclouds…


ergonomics is brutal but i’ve definitely but X in “location” as a blocker for Y. when i rack Elements is a like a big field between interface components.

of course i only know what’s going to be a problem after a playable patch is together


This is my latest 104hp portable setup, with bonus Boris pic.


ergonomics thing you might want to try: i flipped my w/s upside down and they feel far more playable - something about key presses with my index/middle/ring fingers and flicking the toggle with my thumb/index really opens it up for me.


ooooh, thanks for the tip! I can see that being more comfortable


Ok pals, some suggestions would be welcome! I was planning on an 84hp setup, but a 104hp Intellijel case came up at a good price so I grabbed it. I have 17hp left in this sketch, what would you add? More VCAs? Fixed filter bank? Envelopes? Etc?

Example of current setup (below image minus VCS, A-198, A-136, and using A-118 instead of Noise Tools): https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZcevs7Zkbje9cXTUrk5AltEmyp2gjAMLwKV


@philmaguire You might consider a dual low-pass gate, for some percussive options, and yes more VCAs and envelopes would give a lot more flexibility. Envelopes can also be LFOs of course. I would also miss delay, something that can be CV’d for more fun, perhaps a Chronoblob or something small…


How’s the nerdseq working out? I have listed after one forever. But cannot justify the expense so settled on a deal for squarp Hermod as my brain.


I’m a staunch 84hp supporter. It always reminds of me of the TV show Breaking Bad when Walter tries to buy a gun and the dealer recommends a low-capacity .38 revolver:

“If you can’t get it done with five, then you’re into spray and pray, in which case I wouldn’t count on another six closing the deal.”

If you can’t get it done with 84hp, I wouldn’t count on another 20 closing the deal.

So: blind panels m8!


Or this 20hp Ladik mixer :sweat_smile:



omg those sliders are great, do it :joy:


@philmaguire i’m kind with @nutritionalzero - go with your orig idea and fill in the blanks with what occurs to you


feeling the 84 comment. I’ve had a 4u 104hp case with at least 20hp empty for over a year now. no hurry to fill it and have not allowed myself to ’explore the market’ like I did when I initially planned/filled it.


Leave it empty for a while until you know what you want/need, maybe make a blank with some random cardboard or whatever. Just my 2 cents, but if you’ve never used the modules before it’s likely you’ll find some new needs once you start playing.