104 hp inspiration


How’s the nerdseq working out? I have listed after one forever. But cannot justify the expense so settled on a deal for squarp Hermod as my brain.


I’m a staunch 84hp supporter. It always reminds of me of the TV show Breaking Bad when Walter tries to buy a gun and the dealer recommends a low-capacity .38 revolver:

“If you can’t get it done with five, then you’re into spray and pray, in which case I wouldn’t count on another six closing the deal.”

If you can’t get it done with 84hp, I wouldn’t count on another 20 closing the deal.

So: blind panels m8!


Or this 20hp Ladik mixer :sweat_smile:



omg those sliders are great, do it :joy:


@philmaguire i’m kind with @nutritionalzero - go with your orig idea and fill in the blanks with what occurs to you


feeling the 84 comment. I’ve had a 4u 104hp case with at least 20hp empty for over a year now. no hurry to fill it and have not allowed myself to ’explore the market’ like I did when I initially planned/filled it.


Leave it empty for a while until you know what you want/need, maybe make a blank with some random cardboard or whatever. Just my 2 cents, but if you’ve never used the modules before it’s likely you’ll find some new needs once you start playing.


Doepfer A-138m? 20 chara


I got the Nerdseq last week, to replace the Hermod that wasn’t the right fit for me. I’m just starting to understand it, but in ten minutes I was able to do things that I couldn’t do with the Hermod in a weekend. It’s really hands-on, much more than I could imagine. I still have to understand a lot of things, but sequencing and recording cv quantized in realtime is real fun. Dunno yet if it’s the sequencer of my life or how much it will last, I suck at sequencers :smiley:


Have just ordered a fancy 3u 104hp case in an attempt to slim down my 6u case to something a bit more manageable - have too little time to use it these days and found the 6u a bit overwhelming for occasional use, which then meant I used it even less! Hopefully the smaller case will prove to be a nice sit-on-the-sofa-with-some-headphones size which will mean I get a lot more out of it…we shall see…

Think this is going to be the first attempt at things to put in it, tho might swap some bits and pieces round as I try it and see what works.


so i updated the Batumi to “individual wavebank” which got me the 2x stepped random outputs i would have love to have. added in the extra Zlob Dual VCA for some subtle fun modulating. (sorry mgrid didn’t want to update the screenshot) -> https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/646613

here’s a delightful floorcore practice shot

playing pretty much as I intended it to, as an instrument to play with another musician, but not so bare that I can’t practice.


I so wish you hadn’t written that. I feel gaseous.


My opinion doesn’t count, I will sure sell it in a couple of months. I suck at sequencers, I told you.

(And the guy I sold the hermod to loves it. As many other people. I suck at sequencers)


How do you like the Loquelic Iteritas, as a variable voice… do you find it’s got a nice range of sound qualities? (not too same-y, etc.)

edit, just looked closer and see that it’s a Basimilus… so nevermind! How do you like the BI, anyhow?


I mostly use it for percussions. It can be quite gentle if tamed.



How easy was it to update the Batumi firmware ?


that’s been in my mind for a while. a lot of my performance practice involves the mixer in some way, so could be a useful investment.


very easy (this was the 2nd time I’ve done it). it’s a bummer that it requires unmounting the modules, but USB connect and straightforward instructions to follow (do follow them!) make it foolproof (having done a variety of firmware swaps on my MI modules).

of course, I have an older Batumi and the jumper indicators on the back are no longer accurate which gave me some headaches when I was getting a trapezoid instead of the expected ramp up so double check that!


My current euro system is 4U/104 and I’m really enjoying it.


how are you liking Marble Physics?