104 hp inspiration


The LPGS are very different - I have both. I favor the lower channel of the LxD when I’m using it and I think overall the module has a more ‘woody’ sound depending on what you feed into it. It’s also interesting to use as a filter if you put an offset into the CV in. Meng Qi LPG is great too, more straightforward. What do you plan on doing with the rest of the space?

Also, some of what the URA does can be emulated with the Teletype.


I really love my LxD and don’t see why you shouldn’t have the DPLPG as well. if you want a more straightforward dual VCA in 2hp i like Zlobs model (sum out is nice) but 2hp has one too (of course). i found it very useful in my last 104hp build (see above) too have 4+ VCA/LPG channels.

URA v Planar could be answered by “what kind of control do you want over your patch?”


I’m currently pondering Planar + URA, Planar + Sport Mod, or Planar + both. But to your point, yeah, they’re pretty different elements of control. I think it depends on how immediate and gestural you’d want your workflow to be.


Did you build yours yet?


What would you like for envelopes?


Another Just Friends?


nope, I think my “build order” is full version of Ableton, Grid, then finish the module swapping, so it’ll be a while. I do have it with Clouds instead of Ansible, second Mangrove and second W/ though, and that’s already plenty fun.

I really like the Maths and Just Friends paradigms for envelopes, but those are probably too big :sweat_smile:


Ordered an A-171-2 so this is the current state of things. The 8hp 1u blanks are going to house some FSRs, and the 6hp blank will have a toggle/off/momentary switch for passing signals through, if I can find one of those switches anywhere.

Considering next moves, and maybe a more complex random module like an A-149.


Couple different ideas for you:

  • Batumi and a quad attenuator
  • Batumi and a quad attenuator


What Quad attenuators do you recommend?


If you’re getting a Batumi, Batumi expert firmware has attenuators built in, so it would take care of the Batumi at least.

Your only attenuators are in Maths and Cold Mac, which is not nothing, but there can always be more :slight_smile:

WMD/SSF’s Quad Attenuator is cheap, passive, and functional: https://wmdevices.com/collections/wmd-ssf-eurorack-modular/products/quad-atten

There’s otherwise any number of active attenuverters. I like Mutable Instrument Shades a lot.


+1 on Shades. The first module i got when i entered Eurorack. Great little thing :slight_smile:


Yes WMD/SSF one is efficient


I use a Frap Tools 321. Each attenuator also has an offset and it does some cool mixing stuff too. 6hp


hey man, just saw your case and wanted to know if the make noise case would be fine for my chosen rig?


More modules than headers on the bus board. So that’s going to be an issue. Otherwise it’s just a matter of checking the power consumption against the specs, and the depth of the deepest module.


One thing I note about the 104hp format is that users often pack in two, three, four voices plus a single stereo output module of some kind and no stereo mixing of any kind. If Cold Mac is involved you will be able to freely pan one of the voices, or else you will be able to have a hard left voice, a hard right voice, and a centre voice (patching into Offset effectively creates a centre channel for whatever reason).

Do you plan to use any effects?


As long as it doesn’t over draw the supply, you can have someone with the crimping tool put an extra connector onto a ribbon cable (be extra sure it’s the right direction)


Oto machines bim / bam. Currently using my trusty Roland re501. Thanks for the feedback I wander if I should notch it down to one mangrove and a sto and use 10hp left over for something else? My style of music I produce is deep techno


Three Sisters can also be three oscillators, and from what I hear Just Friends can be six oscillators (can someone who uses it confirm?) so you could probably get away with losing one of the Mangroves or the STO. Maybe consider 10hp of utilities? Some attenuation and/or dedicated VCAs to add some subtlety to your patches. I don’t know much about deep techno but maybe a noise source be useful for building some percussion sounds.