104 hp inspiration


I always use subtle white noise underneath my synths parts, that reminds me to think about that. I think you’re right regarding Three sisters being an Oscillator. I use a machinedrum for my percussion and an octatrack can also have percs loaded in, so could use that for white noise too? Thus allowing me to think about adding in what you mentioned, I’ll see if I can find something. Thanks dude.


I think it depends on what else you’re playing with, what role the modular will be playing, and if you plan to have an external mixer.


Hey yeah I’ve slightly changed the rig. Found out about the MI Kinks and then simplified the plan to allow for the 10 power leads on the makenoise skiff


I have a soundcraft epm 12 mixer. Octatrack MkII as the heart and I’ll feed this rig and Norns into it for my lead/bleeps/bass and texture follow with aux out to oto bim bam


Oh you’ll be fine then! :smiley:

I got an Octatrack MKII as well!


I hope i’ll Be fine haha thanks for the help


Maybe you can DM me and tell me about how you use your octa save changing this thread? I’m still learning and have been getting a few subjects mixed up


You Interconnect interconnect cold cut for the x2 mangrove combo instead of a dual mixer?


Here’s my latest sketch for a 104hp control skiff, now capable of multidimensional exploration.

A patch I’d like to try is running multing René’s three CV outs into different oscillators and also into Vector Space’s three CV inputs. This would generate seventeen interrelated CV outs that change with each new step in the three channels of sequencing, and with the Tempi/René combo switching between stored states on the fly, this setup is full of insane possibilities for generative music.


Distinctly lacking in VCAs… :thinking:


control skiff! theoretically the VCAs and the VCOs are in another castle





Kale > crystals :slight_smile:



What’s holding the norns?


This thing

Arkon Heavy Duty Drill Base Mount for… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PZZYRFO?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf


Short version - my new 90hp set up:

Long version - This past weekend, I was supposed to play a gig with my 7u 104hp system and ended up having to cancel it due to a power supply issue. I was pretty bummed for a number of reasons, but at the same time a bit relieved because I had been in a bit of a rut… I performed a few times this summer, each set using a different and often more complicated patch than the performance before.

As I’ve reflected on the linear progression of these performances I realized much of my growing dissatisfaction was coming from the feeling that I was no longer playing an instrument. I had started to take on a composer’s mindset, and the focus on a highly cohesive whole started to affect my patching patterns and interaction with the synth. These behaviors are much less creatively inclined than when I was working with a smaller number of modules, much less play oriented.

So now that my big case is currently out of commission, I put this collection of modules in my old skiff to channel some of that previous energy I enjoyed. I haven’t used Cold Mac very much in my larger case so I’m interested to see what I can do with it. This is also the first time I haven’t had Maths in my system, so I’ll really have to dig into Just Friends as a modulation source moreso than ever. Haven’t made any sounds with it yet but I’m excited to!


Here is my current Make Noise 104HP skiff. The goal with it was to encorporate droning and glitchy modular with guitar loops. But I also wanted it to be a standalone synthesizer (sequenced by Grids). I’m going to be working towards looping my guitar, bass VI, and modular to my portastudio 414 MKII, or Telefunken Magnetophon 204.


Moved things around so I could focus on playing linnstrument more


Recently put this together as a second (more hands on) system:

Having lots of fun with it together with a Bastl Thyme.