104 hp inspiration


image Hey

I’m happy with my module choices of which I’m slowly building into my make noise powered skiff. But intrigued to know your thoughts on the creative flow I have in regards to module placement within. Sequences via grid and Norns here too


The Three Sisters are really fun as a triple-sine oscillator, so I’d put it closer to the Mangrove/JF to not limit it as an end-of-chain filter as its current far-right position might encourage.


image how’s dat?


That’s what I’d do, but I’m sure you’ll figure out what works for you as your rack grows.


Yeah next main piece will be maths, currently working out Cold Mac. Thanks dude


mac and moddemix aren’t here yet but the octatrack arrives tomorrow. so stoked.

also looking through this thread melted my snowflake a bit – which is useful. thank you.


Be interested to see how you get on with Opto/Modde -mix. I’ve been considering that combo.


I’ll admit the choice is less deliberate than it is a “MakeNoise is pretty reliable and I need more VCAs”

optomix was a given for side-chaining (the plan is to create a piece over the course of four patches – the bass patch will include kicks pre-loaded into morphagene and side-chained against the actual bass, then each recorded separately to chop / mix on the OT; the sound of ‘pulses’ in the bass due to compression from kicks removed from the track makes me flutter)

but… you know… modular tends to thwart the plans of a novice understanding. working presently to clear the path.


This has been inspiring lately! Making very simple music that I enjoy. I really recommend the Launch codes module for simple trigger entry (and potential for much more).


The el capistan is amazing. I’ve been using it with my guitar it’s totally unreal.


MN Skiff with 2.5m threaded rails from Pulp Logic. Going to see how this compares to sliding nuts, for me.


Sliding nuts are beyond the pale. You have to have a magnetic chakra screwdriver and a kilogram of meth to make sliding nuts worth your time.

Then worst thing is the rattling. It’s a grotesque and unforgettable sound.



I don’t mind them actually. The fact that they are slandered so much lowered my expectations to the point when I actually tried them I thought they were fine. Nice for the modules that have odd spacing.


It was certainly easier to put modules in it. But, they have those kinda ugly spaces. But then, with sliding nuts you get gaps at the far ends of the skiff. So, potatoes.


Sliding nuts are good for those occasional modules that have misaligned holes…


or when you want to put a new module in between a bunch, easier to loosen the screws and slide them along rather than remove them altogether!


I sold my euro system, but I was on #teamslidingnuts. I don’t understand the antipathy - they do wonders for reorganization and OCD :slight_smile:


As I commented on Lightbath’s recent pro-nuts video: it really is fortunate that modular is 100% standardized and there is only one way to do things that is correct, so we all always do the same thing and there is only one correct answer and never any need to discuss or disagree.


I tried both sliding nuts and threaded rails.

I like The threaded rails a little better. It’s easier to install stuff. You just put the screws in. The sliding nuts take a little planning and some maneuvering.

The sliding nuts have one small advantage in that they slide! Sometimes you’ll have a module you’ve removed leave gap, you’ve removed a 16hp module and replaced it with a 12hp module, with sliding nuts just loosen the screws and push everything over.

The same scenario with the rails you’ll have take out all the screws, move everything and put all the screws back.

Knutlies to the rescue!


Curious, since this is 104hp inspiration, how many folks are using anything besides MN Skiffs.

For those wanting to try threaded rails in a MN Skiff: these worked perfectly (thanks @Starthief for the pointer): http://pulplogic.com/product/m2-5-threaded-strip/

However, because the screws holding the side plates on the skiff eat into the rail space, I found I had to hacksaw off 1hp from each rail in order to get it to fit. But, then it worked perfectly.