104 hp inspiration


Not a huge deal, but the sliding nuts discussion is probably better to take place in the Euro case thread since it isn’t 104hp specific


I’m using an intellijel 4u. Putting together some DIY utilities and control for the 1u row.


I’m using the Moog 104HP case with a 4ms power supply. It’s a bit deeper than the make noise skiff but mainly I just like how it looks more.


I’m not sure whether to post in the lunchbox thread or this one, because I’m looking at putting together something that probably falls in between.

I’m looking at having a case built for my classic Mannequins lineup (2x Mangrove, Cold Mac, Just Friends, Three Sisters) plus a limited selection of third-party modules, and an Intellijel 1U row for utilities.

The Mannequins come to 52hp. If you had to pick only the essential tools to round out the Mannequins voice, what would they be? I’d like to keep the tools thematically and visually consistent. A standalone instrument.


Nathan Moody’s Blue Box seems to be that (plus the touch keyboard). It seems pretty capable.
Intellijel have a 1U Steppy as a 16-step sequencer if you have to fit one in. Also, the Quadratt is useful to attenuate CV from JF.


I’m currently in the process of putting my Mannequins/monome into a smaller case. The things I would add to that would be similar to utilities in the isms case.

  • noise source (Quantum Rainbow)
  • lopass gates (Meng Qi DLPG or LxD)
  • mixer/attenuator/offset (Triatt)

I’d also add a small envelope that can be retriggered, like a Pip Slope. Could probably do without those if I had to, using Cold Mac and Just Friends. If you have more room, something like Intellijel Quadra is nice for extra lfos/envelopes.


Seconding @jonny’s thoughts. I’d also suggest some VCAs for modulating your modulation. Maybe Make Noise Moddemix, if the red isn’t too visually jarring, so you can do “four quadrant” stuff. That said, the only standalone VCA-like things I have in my 104HP are Cold Mac and an LxD so if you don’t need them you don’t need them. Tangle Quartet would mesh pretty well visually too.


Blue Box is the inspiration behind my current system, but mine is effectively double the size as I don’t use a keyboard. It’s got lots of FX and a whole mixture of manufacturers and philosophies. I just want to extract the Mannequins to focus solely on them at times (no FX in case) and the “big” system at others.

Okay we’re on the same wavelength here. I was actually thinking of avoiding Make Noise in this small build. I adore their stuff but they have a very “strong” identity. I want to fill in the gaps around Mannequins. DLPG I can’t use because it’s blue or black. I need a visual consistency.


fwiw I only have Mannequins, Monome and Make Noise in my skiff and I think they mesh actually pretty well. The main grumble I have, weirdly, is the different background aluminum colors.

(I kind of like having only manufacturers that start with M in my system xD, although if I had enough money to get to 6U I’d probably add some ALM stuff and Rings/Stages)


You could get around that with some Grayscale panels, and get closer. I’d say that if you stick with Intellijel and monome, you’ll get closest to the aesthetic, but Mannequins panels really don’t have an exact match anywhere. SSF or ALM modules kind of look good next to them too.

As time goes on, I’m leaning towards the idea of single manufacturer systems to get away from the frankenstein nature of euro.


fucking the m up with Intelijel


Just a word on the Pip Slope:
I’d be careful with that in combination with Mannequins. Pip puts out +5V max. From my experience this is not enough modulation depth for some of the fun stuff with Mangrove etc.
That said, I really like the Pip re-trigger behaviour …


What about one of the Make Noise slopes, e.g. the one(s) that were extracted from the 0-Coast? “Slope” or something, I think it’s called? Presumably that should output 0v–8v? Which is sort of the Make Noise standard and should play nicely with Mannequins


Contour or Function…


What is the four quadrant on moddemix? So for derail but really curious


moddemix is a ring modulator and all inputs and outputs can swing positive and negative.

the vca opens on positive voltage and on negative voltage where it inverts the incoming signal. (as opposed to ‘normal’ vca, where the amplitude control only has one polarity, a two quadrant) — hope i got it right … :smile:


yeah, that’s exactly right!


I would replace Teleplexer with Meng Qi Lines module…


Why would you do that? I’ve been considering both… any insights would be helpful!


I do have both, and in reality, ateleplexer finds much less use. Hardly any actually. I really like the novel idea and the design of the module; always love the unusual approaches. It seems that ultimately the ‘hands on’ aspect of lines (or Mr. Grassi, which I also have and used much more) makes more sense to me. I feel that I am playing the instrument more with Grassi or Lines much more so than with the ateleplexer.
In a more complex patch, with a lot of cables, I found it hard to keep track which cables did what when trying to work with Teleplexer. Even though a lot of the times these modules (for me) are facilitating a kind of chaotic element, I still like to know what is doing what, AND love the feeling that I have a kind of ‘nuanced’ control over the behaviors, which both Grassi and Lines give me.
With all that said, I am keeping all of them. Even though the Teleplexer is the only one that is not currently in any of the cases… one never knows! :grin: