104 hp inspiration


This is great! Something I’m trying to decide for myself is whether I should stick with my 3U, 104HP case, or make a 6U, 52HP one.

I’m very happy with my current modules (and even happier with the idea of making buying new ones impossible), but I find the all-in-a-row setup of the 3U limiting. I end up building patches in a linear fashion, left to right, and when playing I tend to focus on one end of the skiff or another. Maybe I’ve just got tunnel vision?

Cases like yours, and @stripes’s recent square case, are a big push for me away from the long-rectangular format.


very cool! how has your experience been with switch ? are you using it to jump between norns and ansible ?


Hey @kin.sventa! Yeah the switch was used for the norns to the ansible. I actually don’t have the switch anymore, but it worked great when I had it. I’ve found that with my current live work I haven’t been moving between the two as much as I originally thought I would, so I decided to go for the extra space.


Here’s my current 104hp system. Basically combining my MI modules with a newly acquired White Whale for sequencing duties. Also plan on shifting the White Whale out sometimes for a Ripples, when I want to explore non-sequenced, feedback oriented patches.

One very key part of this setup is Veils. It provides enough gain for interfacing with Norns’ line outs, as well as electric guitar. Also I’ll use the 1u headphone tile to provide more gain than what Norns headphone out provides if I want to use my HD600s. This 4u + norns + grids + headphones is the goto travel system now (all packaged up in the 4u intellijel bag).

The 7u-system-on-a-pedalboard has a few new additions–the Verbos Complex Oscillator and Bark Filter. In terms of voices, my goal is to focus on diving deeper into westcoast and analog sound sources than I have in the past. I also have a more sophisticated setup with the pedals now. They run through the two pedal interface modules and then I’ll patch the Rip up as the final out. It may be placebo, but I feel like there’s detail I get out of that module that I don’t get if I run the final outs of the Heat.

I will probably be exploring adding a couple txbs so that I can communicate between this case and my 7u 84hp system, as well as moving stuff around before that so that I can try out polyearthsea, which seems like it will be awesome!

EDIT: also forgot to mention, the Befaco Knurlies are great, highly recommend them. Being able to unscrew two screws at a time (and also being able to move stuff around without a screwdriver near) is awesome.


Pulled some modules out of my giant case to work with in a skiff to get to know them better. Just got the Cold Mac in the mail today, hoping to better learn patch programming concepts before eventually putting together some Serge boats. Also trying to force myself to understand and learn the teletype better! Really curious what kinds of sounds I can get out of this simple (filterless) voice…


You can use the Rampage as a kind of filter! Pick a channel, put top switch to audio rate (middle), both sliders towards bottom, and plug an audio source into the input.


Rather nice, this. Like a bit of Rampage myself.


I have a Meng Qi DPLPG kit coming in the mail tomorrow, planning to squeeze that in there too.


put together this skiff (paired with a wurlitzer and norns) for a 90 minute improv set with a friend, and it opened up a whole world of possibility.


Would love to hear that?!


i put together a DPLPG yesterday and have it in my 104 case now. it’s great! have some funky behavior with my rampage but that’s apparently typical.


Same with maths and dlpg. Makes sense, based on the same circuitry


Norns MLR, or other scripts? I sold my clouds recently and have been thinking of putting a morphagene in it’s place for improv-support.


mlr. i have both, and I think morphagene is even more suited to improvised sampling/granular playability than clouds. highly recommend.


Put this together today inspired by the Make Noise Cartesian skiff. Pretty close approximation based on what I had already. Cheating a bit with the output not in the case but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Having a great time with it so far, definitely feeling the snappy Make Noise vibe.


black lxd :heart_eyes:


I’ve had two and I love the vactrols on this one. Always feels like a slight dice roll when getting vactrol-based LPGs. I like 'em to ring as long as possible.


i’ve been using 2 phonogenes in my live setup for a while and they are fantastic for live sampling/granular manipulation. i typically record a loop, adjust the Gene size, then sequence or modulate the Slide input to change which grain or portion of the sample it’s playing. good for grabbing snippets from tape playback, a vocal line, or a guitar (i’m sure other sound sources would be fun as well). more recently i’ve been setting the phonogene in “broken echo” mode to use as a sort of delay then grabbing a snippet from that by hitting the record button again to put it back into normal mode but with an audio buffer full of the delayed/effected signal it was just processing.

i’ve had a clouds for a while as well and it’s really taken me a lot longer to get into using it (probably because i was so accustomed to the workflow/usefulness of the phonogenes). for granular processing it seems to be great at smearing sounds. i’ve also found it to be useful as a pitch shifting delay (similar to the echophone in a lot of ways).


I’m planning this out as an all Make Noise set up to put in my 104hp skiff. I have everything but the Morphagene, STO, Optomix and Wogglebug. I have additional sequencing, FX, and tons of utilities that can be patched in from my larger case, but I think this could work pretty well as a standalone instrument. Any suggestions?


I’m pleased with how this 104 hp inspiration came together. Intended for live use next month. Now to get my practice on. Still need to route the random CV but otherwise have the patch pretty solid.