104 hp inspiration


I feel like without a sequencer, the Tempi feels like much in 104 hp. I could see uses for six gates but you could also get those gates from wogglebug, morphagne, maths, pressure points and STO at lower rates. I think you could swap it out and add brains and a mult, or if you swapped out tempi and exchanged optomix for lxd you could add brains, a mult and Rosie, which would make the system more standalone.

Oh wait, if that is a 2hp blank at the end you could swap tempi out for brains and have enough left for Rosie if you remove the blank. Maybe this is more suggestions than you are looking for :man_shrugging:


Ok, I didn’t even think about getting sound out at line-level. Rosie definitely needs be fit in there. You are probably right about Tempi being overkill too. Thanks!


Rosie seems like a really popular output module for small racks. Word of warning though…I’ve been through three of them as they have all had crackly/noisy crossfade pots - after the third I gave up returning them and managed to get store credit in exchange. Have I just been incredibly unlucky three times in a row?


The one I had also had a noisey crossfader pot. Contact cleaner helped a bit but yeah, it’s a bummer. Probably just cheap parts.


Too bad re: Rosie! I had two different ones that both worked well for me (once I understood how to get stereo out from them). The 2 hp output from ALM has worked well for me, less functionality but much less hp. It’s not Make Noise though :confused:


I’m gonna argue a bit here!

•I don’t think Tempi is too much in a 104hp system (not being entirely familiar w Tempi so take that for what it is) especially one that is MN-heavy. Maths, STO, Woggle, Opto/LxD, Morphagene, all eat up triggers and gates.

•There are smaller alternatives to Rosie. I’ve been using a Pitts Outs I got used for $50, it’s not great, but it’s not terrible and it’s 6hp, no mixing ability ofc. There are plenty of smaller possiblities for mix and output than a Rose if you want to save space. There is also an external mixer which was my solution for a while.


Bastl Ciao is also great as an output module. Can also be used as a 2 channels stereo mixer (i.e. it has 2 stereo ins) and has cue functionality that can be used as a mute for one channel. And it’s only 5HP.


Thanks for the input. Luckily my external mixer (Yamaha MG10/2) deals with modular signals just fine, so adding Rosie might be more about the extra features it brings: send/return, crossfader, etc. Re: Tempi - I think trigger/gate sources are kind of like VCAs - you can never have too many :slight_smile: I’ll have to see what happens once I buy the other modules and start playing around.


I recommended the Befaco Output V3. Been using it a month or so, and it’s great. Headphone cue/monitor switch, at 4HP.


I am in the process of building up something similar but to use with guitar. I have ears, Pam’s, morphagene, maths, optimix, Erbe Verb, rosie, and I’m going to add uscale and urings. This is my first venture into modular, but so far I’m finding I like this though I’m not sure I’m qualified to judge if it makes sense. Although I think it’s making sense for me so far.


If your looking for a small footprint simple mixer what about Nearness. It doesn’t have any controls, but it does have 5 inputs and 2 outputs.

I just got one but have not really done much with it yet so I can’t give it a review.


I’m currently debating between two possible ends to my control skiff, with slight differences between them:

Option one keeps my Walk in the skiff, which leaves room for an Intellijel 2HP buffered mult, which I’m thinking of getting just to avoid any potential voltage droop that could occur when multing René’s CV outs into Vector Space’s CV ins while also making René’s CV outs available for the various 1v/oct inputs in my system. Intellijel’s Buff Mult is not ideal, as I’d really like something with three inputs and two multed outputs for each input (kind of like Olympia Noise Co.'s TUNNEL mults, but smaller for this scenario), so I may have to cook something up myself at some point.

Option two would remove Walk from my skiff, which would probably require me to get a 20HP 4ms Pod or something similar to house it, and would leave me with just enough space to spare for Noise Engineering’s Extra Mullet buffered multiples with the added bonus of seven summed outputs. If I go this route, I would always have the option to take one of René’s three gate outputs and throw it into the fourth input, which could combine gate and CV signals in the summed outputs for some interesting variations. Those summed outputs along with Vector Space’s seventeen inter-related CV outputs would give me a total of twenty-four variable options to choose from in the 26HP of space they’d occupy together.


Ansible pairs really well with MI elements


I actually have a Nearness and a Bastl Ciao :slight_smile:
Right now I have the two outs from Nearness goibg into one stereo in on the Ciao and the output from a PicoDSP going into the other stereo in of the Ciao, but I have a lot of routing options with these two and a few other modules that do mixing/feedback…


makes sense to me but you might want more sequencing (korg sq1 + pressure points would be enough though so not really all that much more sequencing).

also REALLY depends on what you plan on loading into the morphagene. It’s an instrument unto itself (esp. paired with maths + a vca). If it’s mostly on looping duties w the sto as its main food you could squeeze out some polyphony.


brainstorming a skiff to operate mostly as a polyphonic chord machine thing - a - thing. The idea is to take it, a keyboard, and a grid out into the world and be able to perform live solo or improv w homies while minimizing the complications of interfacing w/ THE WORLD (hence the sound stage and the blank space for please exist that mg doesn’t wanna display). signal flows L - R - D - L and stereo w/ catalogs the adventures for future unearthing.

EDIT: at some point last night (between 2 and 4 am) I edited the rack and it no longer belongs here. is this shame?


First post in this forum, whats up everyone?

Been lurking this post for awhile now. Thanks for all of the inspiration. I’ve been considering building a 104hp skiff to add to my collection of gear. Mainly this will be a compliment to my 0-Coast. Hermod is in there (open to something else) for the purposes of synchronization of my other instruments. I currently have a Digitakt, OP-1, OP-Z combo and from my research it looks like I could get a lot of sequencing options this way.

Any thoughts?


there are definitely smaller and simpler ways to synchronize if that is the main motivation for Hermod, but if you want the sequencing it provides, that’s another story. since you already have a Digitakt/OP-1/OP-Z, all of which can sequence in various ways, I’d personally be inclined to replace Hermod with something to provide sync (Yarns, FH-1, µMIDI for example) and add maybe something like a Maths or other versatile, immediate modulation source…unless you want this to be more self sufficient/able to be used without the other sequencers.

in either case, I’d also want some kind of VCA (many options)/lowpass gate (DPLPG, Optomix, LxD, etc) type modules to control voices/modulations. Cold Mac can do that, but you’ll probably have many other uses for it beyond basic VCA duties.


Thanks for the reply Josh!

I originally was looking at the FH-1/2 or Mutant Brain but saw a lot of people having success via the internet connecting their OP-Z to the Hermod and using the OP-Z sequencer to send note & gate information to their eurorack. The Z is just so dicey with midi host stuff currently that I am a bit worried to try other outlets.

If I did get rid of the hermod for something smaller, I should absolutely throw some sort of VCA in there. Was looking at the uVCA from Intellijel to save HP!


You’re going to want some attenuation in there. Batumi’s LFOs are bipolar -5v/+5v. Plugging one of those into something else is just going to get you a massive WHOOOOOOOOOSH effect.

A cross-patched Batumi, nicely attenuated, is a thing of beauty. Better yet, send multiple Batumi outputs to Cold Mac’s AND and OR. Still recommend attenuating the results as full whack bipolar LFOs are a bit WHOOOOOOOOOSH