104 hp inspiration


Oh wow, that is actually super important information. Thanks!! You know, I’ve been playing with the “Quad LFO” in VCV rack and was having a similar issue (I think its based off the Batumi?) Any recommendations for attenuation?


For attenuation I’d go with something that can also mix, invert and offset. Mutable Shades for example is a useful module to have.


This made me smile, its exactly that feeling!


I have an Intellijel case (love and recommend) so my attenuvertors are in the 1U row. You can get an Intellijel 104hp case with the 1U row and add Quadratts to it… The power supplies are also excellent in my opinion.

If you want to go with, say, Make Noise 104hp skiff (great option, I’ve considered getting another of these) then Intellijel’s Triatt will do the same job in a 3u format. To be honest I’m always short on attenuation. Six to eight attenuators in 104hp is not overkill even.


you can attenuate each channel of Batumi (maybe only in expert firmware) and skip attenuator modules BUT that means that each output of that channel will be attenuated, which is sometimes useful and sometimes not. Like if you want subtle sine lfo and a large range on the random out on the same channel, leave it at the large range and use a module like shades or whatever to reduce the sine out. Guess that’s worth mentioning too… look up the alt firmwares for Batumi if you haven’t already. not sure if vcv only has the factory firmware or what but that module serves me well when I need random cv. I went for a while without any attenuation in my case bc all of my cv modules had some sort of scaling built in OR things like morphagene have the built in attenuverters, which help me out a lot, but now I want a few shades or triatts to do things like my example at the beginning of this reply. Hope this is insightful at all


In other news, brndnwilliams has been elected governor of Batumi county! This is a top tip.


Came to say ‘expert firmware’ and yes it’s only expert firmware, and the caveat that you mentioned. There’s also an ‘individual wavebank’ firmware that lets you choose your wave for the user assignable per channel rather than for the whole module, at the cost of some further UI fiddling.


Ahh, really love those Intellijel cases. I just don’t know if I will have the budget for that. Triatt in the Make Noise Skiff sounds like the move to start with at least.



Make Noise Skiff is r e a l l y good. You won’t be let down there. I also like the ALM O/A/x2 which in 4hp is a tasty treat.


Hi Friend!

This actually really helps. Going to need to explore these firmwares. I had no idea that the Batumi had alternate options you can throw on there.

Also, thanks to everyone who is chiming in. You are all very kind and welcoming!! Appreciate all of the help so far. I’ve been staring at modular grid since like June trying to figure out what the heck I want to do.


this place rules, dude. Helpful people allll day. Glad you’re here too


Also worth a look is the WMD quad attenuator: 4 passive attenuators in 4hp: https://wmdevices.com/collections/wmd-ssf-eurorack-modular/products/quad-atten

Added bonus is, since it’s passive, if you’re really tight for space you can take it out of your case and just use it floating in your cables.


I like the sound of anything that can be eurorack and a tasty snack at the same time! Glad you have had positive experiences with the MN Skiff. It seems like there really isn’t much better in that price point.

Does anyone have any Hermod insight? I should probably be a bit more specific of my plans.

Right now I’ve been using the Digitakt as Master, with OP-Z clocked via USB midi. Would love to be able to have the OP-Z or Digitakt sequencer going through Hermod with clock so I can have Eurorack and those two devices all synced for a super fun live rig! Does this seem possible?


I have to say, despite the batumi having these extended functionalities - i almost always attenuate it externally, as i find it a bit fiddly to initiate and remember settings


Woah this looks killer too. Gosh, way too many choices out in the Eurorack market. My brain is going to explode :slight_smile:


Me too. I rolled Batumi back to the standard firmware.


Let me ask you this: what are you compositionally trying to do with the system?

Do you want to play every note and create tight tracks, or do you want the modular to “do its own thing” and produce something?


He can’t reply bc he’s a new user and has to wait 18 hours but I know he wants to make very intentional compositions and have the rack only cover some of the bases, as he wants drums on digitakt and to use op-z for some sounds but also midi control/sequencing. I think he wants to use tombola sequencer from op-1 with euro somehow too. also, rack + 0-coast standalone


this is, like, THE question I feel like. modular has been a weird lesson in, like, gradually learning to let go in that regard. I mean, I doubt I’ll ever want to not be ABLE to play a Mangrove with a keyboard, but it’s just too hard to be precious and fully in control of a patch AND make something that excites me


On that note I think O_C or whatever it’s called is out. Quantizers and shift registers suit generative music especially well and are not that good when you’re pursuing a tightly sequenced approach.