104 hp inspiration


lots of things. mostly as a suite of utilities but that always blooms into a tangle of interconnected modulations. started a thread about it a while back, you might find something there:


I use Cold Mac to do. . .well, lots of things. Mixing, logic, weirdness. It reveals itself through usage and experimentation. Self-patching Cold Mac is one of the most rewarding exercises I’ve discovered in modular thus far. It serves as the Big Black Dial in the center of every one of my patches that I use to transform sound. I’d recommend madeofoak’s excellent Cold Mac post, and the Cold Mac patching guide by mdouderoff (sp).


What do you think about changing this thread for one focused on 104 hp racks?

In fact I have bigger racks but find more rewarding to be constrained to a smaller one.

I will read the Cold Mac thread!


just when I wanted to share my 138hp skiff :grin:
it’s cell90 + cell48 (all mutable+att). in fact I treat them often as standalone skiffs. the e330 is on its way.


mine is very close to this but no ansible, tx, and only 1 three sister right now


Currently have 104hp used up in my 2x104 case: pretty awesome for tearing sounds apart.


Thinking about 104hp… just saw the new black&gold system cartesian from make noise…

Any thoughts?


System Cartesian looks incredible, obviously, like all of those MN setups, but I always find it slightly weird that people would want to buy a pre-filled case, or only stick with a single manufacturer. Surely a huge part of the fun is building your setup gradually, exploring different modules, finding new and unexpected links between different manufacturers’ approaches, and coming up with something unique to you?

Anyway, on the topic of 104hp systems… here’s my 6U 104hp skiff, which I’ve just this week finished filling up.


Yeah, sure, I love the make-your-own-synth approach. But I’m curious about the vision of the manufacturer and how they built an instrument and be constrained by its sound.

Nice setup by the way!


I did not buy the Cartesian system outright, but built a modified version of it, augmenting it with a Pressure Points, omitting the STO (have enough other VCOs), and omitting the Rosie.

I’ve got a few other MN modules, but they’re not part of that system.

It’s a great system. The Telharmonic is really cool, the LxD modest but beautiful sounding, and the Rene + Wogglebug combination is totally essential in my opinion.

But I split everything up in to two groups: the Wogglebug + PP + Rene + Teleplexer are in a MN control/output skiff, along with a line out/HP module, an Erbe-Verb, and a couple other things. The balance of the Cartesian modules are in another larger case with various other things.


Current rack right now, I don’t know… what do you think of Wogglebug?

Maybe it occupies more HP than it’s worth it… or probably I don’t understand its power…


one of my favorite modules, use it in every patch. just adds a wonderfully playable bit of constrained uncertainty, makes static patches come alive.

maybe try clocking it and mult-ing the stepped out all over the place (mangrove formant? clouds position? maths rise?) . maybe send the smooth out to the fall time of maths? the burst to the strum? get wild and throw the woggle audio out to the mangrove’s fm input? options are endless.


Ok, so I don’t understand its power… yet.

Thanks for your advice, I’ll give it a try!


I love the Wogglebug and It’s been my main clock and purveyor of uncertainty since forever. I might ditch it when the Frap Tools Sapèl comes out this spring tho!


Hadn’t seen that. Very nice, but twice the price of the Wogglebug.


Didn’t know Sapèl, too many inputs/outputs/knobs for me…

and too much HPs for a 104 hp :slight_smile:


wogglebug is a great design, but really needs attentuation IMO. for this setup, clouds really needs an attenuator on its CV ins or very precise CV ins (like those from ansible).


I think the other side is that with the plethora of choices out there, getting a pre-configured system can eliminate the decision anxiety and hours wasted on Modular Grid that comes with trying to create “the perfect system.” It is a well-rounded selection of modules and feels very much like a complete instrument. I think that if it was all-in-one vs. a collection of already existing modules it would be regarded as a modern classic.


I have recently acquired a shared system and it’s really liberating. It’s there, and it’s an instrument. Since I got it, it’s been very difficult not using it on its own and work with what it’s there.

(Actually I had to add a little thing)


How many of you are still attached to your 104hp rack?

I’m thinking about going 208 hp, and feeling really guilty…