104 hp inspiration


Ditto for me with Octatrack instead of Beatstep.

For blanks I like to collect those promotional postcards you sometimes find in boutique/trendy clothes stores and cut them up


I had one for a time, there is plenty of power for most things, it is deep enough for most things. I did have to keep one of my deepest modules all the way over to one side where it was not above the buss. It has a very nice feel to it. I occasionally think about grabbing another for couch sessions on a smaller system.


Make Noise Powered Skiff on the way… lets see what happens y’all :slight_smile:


the start of a 104 adventure, hoping to DIY most of the way towards filling the gaps…


that artwork is particularly glorious


welcome to the family! you just need teletype, a second three sisters and w/ now :wink:
and btw your blanks are super cool


First patch I really like on my 104hp morphagene centered rack. Totally new to eurorack and I never cease to be amazed.


Doesn’t look much like what I originally planned 6 months ago, but it’s mucho fun :smile:


I’m building a system cartesian right now, which I will modify to my tastes later.

For example, I’m planning to change the telharmonic for a MI Rings.

Does anyone here has done something similar?


is the 1U Zeroscope as cool/useful as it looks?


i’d inquire as to whether you intend to use another sound source in your system to excite Rings or just trigger the internal exciter. Rings has a much more limited palette with the latter (especially compared to Telharmonic).


I don’t actually have this rack anymore, but I really enjoyed it when I had it. Felt like it was the most complete instrument my euro ever evolved into. I’ve moved on from euro since this but I miss it…

At least I’ve still got the 301 though :sunglasses:


Interesting, if you’re mostly out of eurorack, can i ask how you’re utilizing the 301 in your current setup?


I need help.

I’m trying to complete a 104hp case with modules I already own. I’m probably overthinking this, but its been a real struggle. This system will be used largely while traveling and camping but also needs to coexist and partner with a Make Noise Shared System when at home.

When traveling, I usually bring along some of the following travel-friendly things:

  • Norns
  • Grid
  • Arc
  • OP-1
  • Zoom H5
  • Organelle
  • Volca FM
  • Bastl Dude Mixer
  • Minirig speaker

The modules in the rack are modules I’m 99% sure will be part of the system but I’m open to suggestions. The modules outside the system are the options I have - I’m open to purchasing new/better/more suitable modules but want to keep this to a minimum for budget reasons (i.e., I really want a Morphogene - this would eat up the entire budget but may be worth it if I can figure out everything else).

My goals are to have at least 2 synth voices and some sample manipulating abilities, stereo output, some light mixing abilities, a little bit of reverb, and a headphone out. What do you think? Is it possible?


I would put clouds in since it covers most of what you’re describing (reverb + stereo + sampling), teletype to add synth capability to your just friends, and the bastl module for headphone out. All those Mannequins modules can cover so much ground depending on how you patch.


Thanks for the suggestion with clouds - it really confirms what I was already thinking.

I’m not the best with Teletype… as in, it intimidated me and I got frustrated and pulled it out of service for a while. I’m thinking I really need to learn it, even if just to do basic things. I have no experience with coding but initially bought it to learn.

I also remember that I have a Disting mk2 in addition to the mk4 that would cover a lot of S+H duties as well as quantization so I’ve added that to the mix.


worth noting that with @scanner_darkly 's excellent work (poly earthsea), you can use any of the trilogy modules and/or ansible with I2C to utilize the JF synth stuff without teletype, and in arguably a more straightforward and playable way than with teletype.


I certainly haven’t figured out every way to utilize it, but I can always use help learning by sampling cv at different portions in my patch, especially as I’m (trying) to learn functions in JF and cold mac. putting it up in the 1u row felt like I was sacrificing less space than some of the 3u oscilloscope modules.

the tuner is also just really practical to have.


After playing around more last night, I believe I’ve really settled on this:

I’m canabalizing the Wogglebug from my Shared System for travels so may end up picking up a second one at some point - I love it so much. I also had a breakthrough realization this afternoon that my H5 can handle output duties for the modular - the TXn will mix it down to 2 channel and the H5 has a built in 20db pad on its stereo inputs if I need more. Works great and is powered off of rechargable batteries! Still open to suggestions.


Well right now I have the 301 in one of those Intellijel 4u x 42hp cases with a uO_c and a quadratt for assignable controls. I’m messing around with making instrument patches that I can call up in a performance and jam on. Really fun using multiple Manual Grains units as paraphonic oscillators.

I couldn’t bring myself to sell the 301 when I sold everything else. It’s definitely not ideal using it pretty much standalone but sequencing it with an octatrack via a CV.OCD makes up for any shortcomings.