104 hp inspiration


Ditto for me with Octatrack instead of Beatstep.

For blanks I like to collect those promotional postcards you sometimes find in boutique/trendy clothes stores and cut them up


I had one for a time, there is plenty of power for most things, it is deep enough for most things. I did have to keep one of my deepest modules all the way over to one side where it was not above the buss. It has a very nice feel to it. I occasionally think about grabbing another for couch sessions on a smaller system.


Make Noise Powered Skiff on the way… lets see what happens y’all :slight_smile:


the start of a 104 adventure, hoping to DIY most of the way towards filling the gaps…


that artwork is particularly glorious


welcome to the family! you just need teletype, a second three sisters and w/ now :wink:
and btw your blanks are super cool


First patch I really like on my 104hp morphagene centered rack. Totally new to eurorack and I never cease to be amazed.