104 hp inspiration


Would love to hear more on this? I have neglected the manual grains unit. Its something I keep meaning to spend some time one.


Hello, first post on ////! (and hopefully for more to come),

I just moved into this 84hp case! I also have Bastl Ciao and 2hp VCA, sadly the skiff is too shallow for them. Lately, I’ve been very excited with orca (live coding environment) and generative MIDI sequences. That’s why I’m thinking of adding MIDI to CV module next.

Possibly Intellijell uMIDI, I also thought of getting Ansible if I ever wanted to get Grid or Teletype later on, but they seem to be out of stock. I would very appreciate suggestions.

I generally approached my skiff by creating soundscapes from shortwave radio squeals of RF Nomad mixed with samples from The Conet Project. Then navigating through this with Belgrad filter.


Nice looking skiff. I haven’t seen davies knobs on make noise modules before, surprisingly.

In terms of midi to cv options, there are a lot of modules you can check out, but I don’t think Ansible will fit the bill since it’s a USB midi host?

The Korg SQ-1 is nice for this and takes up 0 hp. Also look into Mutable CV Pal (4hp).


Mutable CV pal is a great choice! But remember, You’ll need a computer near you… :frowning:


… seems that @cyagiz01 is using a computer (orca - live coding environment)?


Welcome! Great first post!
If you see Monome in your future, I’d hold out for an Ansible. When unplugged from the Grid, I use mine with Orca and it’s great. Oddly, it needs to be in orange mode, but it does provide 4 solid channels of Midi. I use this device to connect my laptop to the Ansible: http://compasflamenco.com/midi-c-3/midi-usbusb-p-4.html


Welcome to lines! Love the look of that little skiff. I really do miss my erbe-verb and think about grabbing one again often.

Ansible+Grid or Ansible+Arc would be awesome there. Mannequins W/ would fit in nicely too for some dedicated sampling/looping/tape stuff!


From a quick glance I took at Korg SQ-1, it seems great! I was thinking about CV pal as well but from what I read it is discontinued?


Once my Telexn arrives the modular will be finished, finished, I tell you!

This from last night’s ambient show:


Yeah, it’s been discontinued for a while I think, but they turn up used from time to time.

The upcoming monome/Mannequins Crow module might be a good option too, but details are not finalized.


They pop up here and there pretty frequently, and i think i even saw a full diy kit recently, I’ll send you the link if i come across it again.


There’s a DIY kit like @coreyr recollected: https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/cvpal-kit/

Although it’s out of stock…


How are you getting on with the RF nomad? I built one, but I don’t get anything interesting with it. This very much might be down to my place in the world or my location in my building. I haven’t taken it out to open skies to see if that helps.


Even with the longer antenna, I can’t reliably find stations all the time. From where I’m located I had the best chance around midday.

When I get to perform what I usually do is to have an additional shortwave radio where their antennae are nearly touching and dialed into the same frequency which at that point RF Nomad starts to squeal. At the end of the squeal, there is no signal but I use it to create a tune by RF Nomad’s CV in.


Exploring a new 104hp idea. ACID NOISE.


Practicing restraint.


The Wogglebug’s audio outs are great inputs to Rings


This is my current system:

I wanted something self contained, nice and portable, but a playable cohesive instrument. I’ve been tweaking it over the last few months, but really enjoying it. Really getting to know all the modules as well, and each new patch seems to illuminate some new way of using a module, or module interaction.

I may update it to this version:

To allow a bit more flexibility, but I’m having a little difficulty with the Disting Mk4’s delay algorithms (audio artifacts), and I love delay so really want those working OK, before I add it.


i wasn’t convinced of this in my time with wogglebug. also the poster to whom i directed my question (to which you replied) was asking whether they would be okay leaving out a Telharmonic, which, in my understanding of the module, would be a robust source to treat with Rings.


Oh definitely, but I did like running Wogglebug through Rings, I did have to massage the outputs for best results though - minimise the raucous tendencies of the Wogglebug audio outs :grinning: