104 hp inspiration




how is the RF Nomad? Intriguing module. I can’t seem to find many radio tuner modules. How do you typically use it?



when in “sound” mode, it can be used like a harmonic oscillator, where each output is a partial. you have control over the spread of the individual partials via “intone”, waveform via “curve”, pitch via “time”. personally this is how i most often use my JF.

nb: stages’ easter egg mode is also to act as a harmonic oscillator w/ control over the partials volume and pitch.



Are those all kits or alternate panels? :thinking:

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Love this idea! Interested to know as well if these are blanks?



@grey @Brennanib most of them are blemished alt panels, flipped around so you can’t see the labels. I do have a couple kits off to the side waiting to be built, gotta bite the bullet and try SMD soldering by hand…



It’s pretty straight forward. Just work slowly.

Pick a part on the BOM or follow the build guide. Put sticky flux on the pads for all of the locations for that part type. Open your bits carefully - honestly the most dangerous part. Use tweezers or a bit of solder/wire with sticky flux on it to nudge them into place. Apply your iron to the pad and it will suck the part into place. May or may not need additional solder. Once you’re content with the position, pin down the other side. Repeat, too many times! :laughing: Also no lead trimming! Also! Chip Quick is very useful for removing mistakes (they make a metal compound that stays hot longer and melts more easily than solder for removing IC’s - once a component has at least two solder contacts you can’t remove it with just an iron).

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my first set up. I never really had a plan set before getting into this. just started buying piece by piece what i thought were basic functions.

so far i’m not sure about the PNW, uScale, and pluck for various reasons. I’m still not clear on a specific “vision” of what i want out of my modular rack. but with that in mind i want to add a combo of two of the following next: QPAS/SMR/Timber/Plaits/Mophagene(maybe) + Voltage Block/Just Friends/Batumi.



I haven’t really looked at Muxslicer before. I wonder how redundant it is with Mutable Stages…



From what i can tell, while there is some functional overlap, stages and muxlicer are more similar in interface than function. While both are a kind of function seqencer (maybe?) the muxlicer does more signal routing and stages is a complex envelope generator. I know both do more and are deeper than that, but that is what jumped out to me most.

(Only from observation/ been manual diving and thinking about both of these modules)



My interim 104hp live rig as I haven’t yet had opportunity to complete my 9U case build. Not deeply designed as a small system, just a selection of modules that fit and give me what I need at the moment. Kind of missing Tides, Streams, and Pressure Points but was delighted to learn that the SQ-1 is manually playable in step mode, as I hadn’t done that before (not a big sequencer user).

Going to try this out this weekend when our quartet Figure From Ground opens for free-jazz cellist Tristan Honsinger! It’s been kind of a long winter so excited to play out and very interested to use a smaller system. Really enjoying Maths as an oscillator, and the Tap LFO in Peaks with it’s built-in amplitude control! SQ-1 and Koma Kommander are nice outboard additions.



I recently got a Belgrad and it quickly became my favorite sounding oscillator of all time. I probably won’t ever build this, but I’ve been day dreaming about a simple 4 Voice poly synth made up of them, using CV.OCD to control it.

The Quantum Rainbow would be for (among regular noise duties) sending a different color o f noise to the input of each Belgrad. Sounds great when you introduce just enough noise to make the Belgrad sound a bit fuzzy.



Hey all… I’m back.

This is where I’m at with my 104hp skiff right now:

Really enjoying my choices so far but I’m not sure in what direction I want to go. My next confirmed purchase is the Mutant Brain for OP-Z integration but after that I’m not quite sure. Probably going to swap blinds out for a veils or a uVCA, and then I’m a little lost.

I basically will have about 36hp to play with after I grab the mutant brain.

Morphagene is really interesting to me, but thats about it. Any utilities or effects processors (filters, reverbs, delays?) that maybe I’m overlooking? In my skiff’s current state I feel as if it’s missing something.

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Without knowing what you’re wanting out of your rack its a little hard, but with your current setup, I’d probably go for a filter of some kind.

I’m a big fan of the way 3 sis sounds and what it can do with some creative patching. And it just looks so good next to a mangrove :wink:

Some kind of effects/signal processing can go a long way!

While it can be cumbersome with the menues and the inputs doing so may different things, i found a disting to be really beneficial while trying to figure out what kind modules to fill out my first skiff.

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Oh yes I know, sorry for the slightly vague/open ended question. Figured hearing some peoples ideas may spark a little rabbit hole of research for myself.

3sis is absolutely on my radar right now. Filter was something I really feel like this set up is lacking right now. While patching I keep feeling like I want to manipulate my audio more, and I just don’t have anything to do so…yet.

Been looking for a disting mk4 on reverb recently, for that same purpose. I’m a little weary of having a 3rd menu based module in my skiff but it may be super useful.

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Its really not so bad depending on how you use it, my mk3 frequently plays one role for months at a time. A printed pdf cheat sheet really helps when changing to a new mode as well. Its usually “I wish I had a module that did X” and then realizing that oh yeah, I do!

Might i also recommend the bastl quattro figgaro for compact vca duties. I just got one after over looking it for a while not having realized jow many goodies are paced into 10hp. Its a quad vca that has some interesting normalization, has a cv inversion section, variable response curve, and overdrives nicely.



I’m working on a smaller setup at the moment - currently 3u 84 hp down from 9u 84hp but I plan to go for about 104hp in the future as I think it might be a sweet spot.

My 84hp initially had Morphagene in it but I took it out last week. It’s great fun to play around with and you can create some amazing textures, but it always felt somehow separate to the rest of the rack. It was a second voice, essentially - and I decided that if I was going to use it I’d rather have it as a standalone instrument ideally in a 4ms Pod type thing (though I’ve heard it doesn’t fit). Instead, my small system would focus on what can be achieved with one voice: currently an STO into a 2hp LPF and then into Magneto with both Stages and Maths for modulation and envelopes. And I guess that’s the decision - do you want the 104hp to be a voice contributing to a wider setup? (e.g. other instruments, computers, synths, etc.) Or do you want it to be its own thing with multiple simultaneous voices? I’m sure if I’d spent more time with Morphagene I could have better incorporated it.

I can really recommend Sisters as a filter and I’ve been hot swapping it with the STO using it as a main voice too - which is also really lovely. It’s also lovely with the Mangrove, which I’ve never been able to tame so it’s sitting in a box for now until I get the slightly larger rack.

I love the Magneto. Can’t recommend it enough, even with all the hp. You can take your one voice and turn it into a chorus.

One of the reasons I’m pairing down is to get away from the indecision that comes from having Plaits, Rings, etc. all in one case. I’ve found more pleasure and more immediacy in modulating a smaller number of sound sources. So how about a Cold Mac so you can have the Mangrove and Braids dance and swirl around each other? I’ve never really understood mine - but I’m hoping that’ll change now!

As for the Disting, ultimately I found I was mostly using it for a few key functions and I preferred instead hiving those out to 2hp modules instead.

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I second (third?) the utility of the Disting (in my case, mk4). I’m extremely hesitant to include modules that require menu diving in my modular but I’m happy to make the exception with the Disting since it’s so useful for filling holes, especially in a small(ish) case. I even ended up with two, partly because in addition to a bunch of useful utility stuff, it’s got some nice sample player algorithms and the new firmware includes a simple but useful (very) long delay/looper algorithm.

In case you haven’t seen the thread, I made a web-based cheat sheet for the Disting mk4. Info here:

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Just put this together and excited to see where it goes.

Left all of the oscillators and sequencing behind to make a live improv looping rig(primarily viola with occasional vocals for variety). OP-1 clocks the Tempi. El Cap is receiving a mixer aux send, and the return is multed for looping or processing in the modular.



I’d say just about bloody anywhere you want! It’s astonishingly concise.