104 hp inspiration


Slashing my entire setup in half I ended up with this. Would like to fill the remaining 8 hp with somehting, not sure what though.

Friends of this:

  • Keystep
  • OP-1 and Digitone
  • Cocoquantus 2
  • Reverb + Delay pedals and external looopers.


  • En extra w/ with Slashes for (even) more looping capabilities
  • ES-8 (would take away some of the direct interaction, not to happy about including computer / iPad in the workflow although intrigued by the possibilities)
  • Small utility mixers, like 2 x 2hp mix before Morpha and w/

Input and feedback is always appreciated!


I would always go for more modulation.
Personally, I’m really happy with the Harvestman Kermit (which is 10 hp).

An 8 hp Nonlinearcircuits Triple Sloth V2 could be nice?


How about an Expert Sleepers FH-2? It should work as a MIDI to CV converter for OP-1/Digitone/Keystep and won’t require you to hook up a computer. You could also use it as a clock/envelope generator/LFO generator/euclidean pattern generator.


I decided to go with the ES-8, it will open up for new possibilities and as I don’t intend to grow from 104 I will be able to have endless racks integrated in VCV and exploration of Audulus will be fun!


Almost the same set up as the last time I posted here, but I must say moving them from my larger case to this skiff makes it feel more inviting. Relativity wins again.


looks like some cool stereo processing :slight_smile:

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Damn! I didn’t know wrong had a Mid/Side converter. I always do it ITB, do you find it that more useful to process the signals before sending to the box. Does filtering the sides with say, the 3S gives it a more stable image than filtering the L/R independently? So many questions…

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Indeed - on several planes… are we seeing Mac, Sisters and the Worng in a feedback soup @kbit - would love a sound clip if it resulted in anything interesting?


@_mark actually no feedback in this patch, didn’t even think of that possiblity. Definitely gonna experiment more in that realm :+1:

@Foxhood I built the Worng module after experimenting with Cold Mac as a mid/side processor and having both is really great. I do almost nothing in the box so these modules are all I have for context. The way I have it patched up now is all about pushing and pulling the stereo field in different ways.

The various outputs of Just Friends (running Just Type Synthesis) are run into Nearness to create a stereo spread. Mid is going to Sisters Low, Side is going to Sisters High, and those outputs are going through Mac’s Left and Right before returning to the Mid/Side returns. Crossfading will swap the Mid/Side signals at each extreme with the side signal getting increasingly attenuated toward noon.

I also have the mix out of JF going through Sisters Center, attenuated, through the tahn for grit, then mixed into Mac’s Offer input. Increasing the level if this signal adds more volume/distortion while decreasing the stereo spread. There’s a lot to tweak in a relatively small amount of parameters. No clips ATM but perhaps soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all,

Back after a while away. Looking for some input into my 104hp case, as I’m a bit stuck and uninspired with it. I’m basically after two things from my modular: drone, with interesting waveshaping options/slow modulation, and chaotic, free-improv-ish stuff. Here is what I currently have:

I’m using the A-118/A-136/A-196 as a noise/random source; the A-136 is really nice for messing up CV and sending into the PLL for blips and scratches. But, it’s 24hp for that, which is a lot in a case of this size, so something smaller would be nice. Also I feel like it’s lacking modulation sources in general, so I’ve sketched this:

Any thoughts? I’ve never used a Mysteron, and I know they’re discontinued, but I feel like they could do a lot of what I’m after. The Sloths is a no brainer for slow modulation, and Let’s Splosh for expanding things like the Doepfer modules.

I’m struggling to put a coherent case together, basically. I’m after two simple but distinct ‘sounds’, but the endless world of Euro is making that tricky. I have a SoftPop that I use a whole bunch more than this case, and that’s just two oscillators, a filter, and some feedback. I’m used to that, and performing with broken cassette players and blank tapes. 104hp feels like a huge space to try and fill.

I find limitations enjoyable and struggle to work without them. Help? :slight_smile:

tl;dr - Help me find wacky modulation of a couple of audio sources, with a comb filter/delay! And should I forget drone and just make that in Max/MSP? Or, should I get rid of the lot and replace it with a monosynth and a Rainmaker?

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Everything you’ve said makes me think the Benjolin would up your alley.

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84hp full of sounds!!


im also in the 84hp camp with 62hp of mannequins +teletype so its cool to see what u did with the rest :slight_smile: I’m curious abt mixing and how you’re turning your signal into stereo - stackable out of the 2hp mix? 2 channels or optomix out respectively to L & R with 2hp as submix? also how do you like the teletype expanders in a set up this size?


In this version the idea is to to route something in optomix and something else in 2hp mix and then to go to L and R channels. In this way I can create a submix to Left (through optomix) and a separate submix to Right (through 2hp mix ) if I need vactrols in both L&R simply I can route an optomix out into a 2hp mix in, maybe with a stackable.
Other idea is to use Cold Mac to split signals to L and R.

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So I currently have a Make Noise skiff and MOST of these modules. I just need to get the w/ and Pam’s New Workout.

I haven’t built my own system but really wanted to have a small Mannequins focused system to pair with Norns/Grid & a few choice effect modules.

The SMR I’m unsure about but have had for awhile now and not used it in a case, it’s an HP hog but I want to give it a go before I decide to sell!

I may upgrade to an intellijel case just to make some use of utility in the 1U row but wanted to try this system on its own first in order to see if I would be better off just going for a bigger case?

I realize this is kinda “lacking” as far as VCA’s and Envelopes go, but figured I may be able to work around it with Pam’s & JF. Mostly want to use it for drones and Berlin school sequences, as well as sample fodder for the incredible Norns! Will be playing a Minimoog/MS-20 mini beside the set up as well.

What do you guys n girls think?

(I sure wish the isms case was available :sob:)


Hi there!

That’s definitely a good start. Between Pam’s and Just Friends you have up to 14 envelopes or LFOs, but you’re going to run into the following issues:

  1. Just Friends’ LFOs are unipolar 0V to 8V, and Pam’s are unipolar 0V to 5V. What this means is that the modulation will likely be “too strong” for many musical applications, and will only “go up then back down” rather than, say, wavering around a central point set by a panel knob.
  2. What you’ll need is attenuversion and offset utilities. Lots of them. I’d say perhaps you could get by with four attenuvertors for a small system like that, but that would be fairly minimal. Offsets will help a lot too, allowing you to push those strong 0V to 8V LFOs below 0V. My preference is bipolar LFOs for shorter cycles and unipolar for loooooong (several minutes) cycles.
  3. The “Level” param on a Pam’s channel is an attenuator, but for me it’s a bit fiddly. Often you’ll want to modulate an LFO’s time with another one, and this is also a bit fiddly on Pam’s (but doable because Pam’s can do almost anything).
  4. Cold Mac can help here too because effectively Survey is one big -5V to 5V offset utility and can be useful to set floors or ceilings for modulations or slide voltages around. Still, I prefer dedicated modules for this as Cold Mac is really about “meta control” of a bunch of things at once.
  5. You’ll absolutely need a VCA. Although Cold Mac can kind of act as one, doing so will eat up its utility for other things. I recommend a two or four channel low-pass gate or standard VCA. Many Mannequins users seem to gravitate towards the Make Noise Optomix as the expected control voltage lines up with Just Friends’ output voltages. And also we just like the sound! Mangrove through an Optomix is just perfect in my opinion, Another popular choice is Tangle Quartet if for some reason you don’t like the tonal character of Optomix. TQ is a compact and very clean quad VCA.

There! Sorry for the long-winded reply but I’m a Mannequins obsessive and also spend more time than I care to admit on small system and lunchbox design. Hope there was something useful for you in there.

Good luck and have fun!


Thanks for the reply, you confirmed many of the fears I’ve had about this little system.

Luckily, the SMR can just be temporary and replaced with whatever is missing. It’s likely that I’ll just go up to an Intellijel 7U case though, as I want to double up on most of the mannequins modules. Plus that would leave lots of room for utility, coming from a shared system, the current lack of attenuation and VCA’s/LPG’s (I added an LxD to my shared system) will certainly be frustrating!

That being said, I do find limitations inspiring and hope that some of the lacking here is what brings it on :heart:


I think the main thing that is missing in that 104hp build is attenuation. there are ways around “no VCAs” (as above, Cold Mac can do it, Air on Mangrove does it) and i was there for a big and it was still productive and instructive and I had a good time. it looks a bit like a drone/noise box to me but there’s a lot of play with what you’ve got going on.

fwiw I know nothing about Norns or Grids or the monome stuff but you could just ditch that and slap some 2hp/Zlob Dual VCAs and a Shades or Triatt instead of that gear.


The initial plan was to have this in an Intellijel case so that I could have attenuation and the noise tools in a 1U row! I’ve held off on getting that case just because I want to try it as is and plan a full other row of 104HP, aka get the 7U case instead of 4U, but that of course will take more planning and saving.

I guess the big thing here is that I’m not planning to fully “compose” with this apart from sequencing the mangroves. I just LOVE the sound of them and figure I could get some great sounds to sample into Norns and further mangle with a basic sequence or two playing on top!

I like to think I have at least half a clue what I’m doing with modular and the post was made more to ask “Am I crazy for thinking this might work? because I’m aware there’s things missing” and also if you were going to expand, “what would you add?”.

I’ve only worked with full systems at this point in my journey (shuttle system, system cartesian and mainly the shared system) and wanted to keep it that way. I don’t want to go too far down the hole, I wish I could just make a full mannequins system but it seems like that’ll be nearly impossible without feeling that something is missing…

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I recently moved my favorite modules from my 90hp 6u into a Make Noise skiff. It feels good to have some limits and force myself to learn more about my modules and techniques. I feel like a smaller modular gets along better with other gear as well. I feel like when I can afford to expand I’m just going to build another small system like this.