104 hp inspiration


I find it humorous that this thread now shows 2 systems that are 208 HP.


I strongly disagree, for me there is no a specific size that determines what a full instrument is. The Morphagene itself could be an amazing instrument and it’s only 20 hp.

Besides, you’re cheating A LOT here, too much hp… :sweat_smile:


Wow, didn’t expect it to be so large…

It looks wonderful, It would be great seeing it in action.


I wholeheartedly agree that a very small collection of module or a single module can be an instrument, and that there is no way to define what is or isn’t an instrument by it’s size.

Perhaps I didn’t express my thoughts properly; what I meant is that this feels to me like a system that allows me to fully explore sound and composition at a level of complexity I appreciate without feeling overwhelmed. It’s very personal and subjective and in now way I intend to generalize this statement. It’s a conclusion I’ve come to by thinking about what sound and music are and researching a lot. I haven’t had the actual experience of playing this thing — so maybe you’re right and it will be too much. I’ll just find out with time.


I love your setup and I think there is no such thing as “too much” in the eurorack realm :stuck_out_tongue:

My comment was just because of the topic of this thread, we focus on 104 hp…


That’s completely valid, and I don’t really get my rationale for posting here :thinking:. I’ll try to get it moved to a more fitting thread

Edit: Decided on crossposting without deleting as it would break the conversation


(Maybe correlated) Today I was thinking about putting together this little setup (2x42hp).


current synth

i know everybody says this but I might never change again unless I sell the whole lot at once


What’s the module after your row power?

What you’ve got there should be the mascot of Lines, just maybe with a pair of Mangroves. I like it.


That is the legendary Mannequins RIP.


can you expand on this rig / it’s uses in your music a bit? what is the custom looking piece with jacks and switches on the left? any specific use case that led you to the nw2s:m? just curious.


No, the second from the left…same question as,

The Lines community wants to know!


Second time this week I’ve been hit by my lysdexia.



that’s the least complex and least expensive thing in the system (but likely the most rare)

just a passive signal switch

acquired in a trade last year
one of the users on MW built it for his own use and when he offered as trade bait I immediately saw the potential


I like using mults and have one for triggers and clock play (which is passive), this buffered mult is usually rerouting audio / feedback within the case or going directly to external fx & recording devices

Not essential but back when I did research on it I was impressed with what I found

it’s a self contained hub mainly used for improvised sequencing (the backbone of all my recordings)

haven’t done much with this exact setup so this is probably better answered once I record a/v examples

ansibles are the newest addition
the custom switch & rip were in a separate case until now
the rest I’m familiar with already…


Here’s my current small setup. I started using it instead of my bigger case for game sound design work. As I don’t care too much for tuned pitches in this context there’s a lot of potential sound sources in this (ears, maths, sampling modulator, dual borg). It’s been satisfying to work with, and very flexible.


Also, I use it to process guitar, and I just added a Bastl Kastle to the setup, pure joy


I’d love to hear a recording or see a video of this setup processing guitar audio!


I’ll try to share some soon :slight_smile:


I have a 6U that I finally stopped tweaking (and love) but didn’t have room for DLD, Meadowphysics, or Teletype, so I bought a little Make Noise skiff that I’ve been building out. The Mannequins parts are on loan from the other case and will be replaced at some point by dual STOs and an Lxd but so far I’m really enjoying this and it’s more fun to lug around than the big case. :slight_smile:


Seems like the MN skiff is a pretty popular choice for a 104HP skiff. I’m just getting into modular and trying to piece together a skiff based mostly around Mannequins modules after trying them out at Control two weekends ago and being thoroughly blown away. The skiff I’ve been thinking about is something like this:


Being a beginner with a basic understanding of power draw does that seem like the MN skiff’s power supply would be adequate or should I look at getting one of their unpowered skiffs with a 4ms Row Power 40? Thanks in advance, excited to finally be posting on here!