104 hp inspiration


A great selection of modules so far.
What have you got planned for the rest of it?


Still needs some tweaking, but see below. The 1u blanks will be some passive switches and such. Essentially a Doepfer system, but the Zlob Push VCA is (hopefully) going to be too useful to leave out.

Open to ideas! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s so pleasing. I have a Zlob Push VCA to build and add in, half-considering sanding off the panel to get to the bare aluminium!


Looks fun.
I’d be inclined to go for the 1024 stage Doepfer BBD module over the 2048. I think the 1024 gives you good flexibility in being able to do reasonable Karplus type stuff and also clock noise mayhem!


Ah, nice one. Yeah, I wasn’t too sure which one to go for!


Mangrove is high on my (short) list. I’ve looked at Dixie and STO or really anything at that size and price. for when i actually buy something again bleh


This was a really great thread. I just read most everything from the top.

I’m not sure 4 U 104 hp racks fit the spirit of the topic. That said the topic title could probably clarify the intent with 3 U 104 inspiration.

That aside my real question is: what modules make up a good 104 hp rack?

Obviously this is going to be different things to different people. What if we abstracted and listed the essentials. for example the MN Cartesian system is a great system that fits this topic, and appears in this thread a couple times. It’s made of:

  • Osciallator: STO
  • Oscillator: Telharmonic
  • Rene: Sequencer
  • Analog Voltage utility: Maths
    • LFO
    • Envelope
    • Clock
    • Other utility functions
  • Random Voltage: Wogglebug
  • Low Pass Gate: LxD
    • VCFA
  • Ring Mod: ModDemix
  • Output: Rosie

So that’s more abstractly:

  • Oscillator
  • Oscillator
  • Sequencer
  • LFO/Envelope/Utility
  • Random source
  • Ring Mod/Wav Folder/Other
  • Output mixer

This seems like a really solid arrangement that looks a lot like classics. Other racks trade in the sequencer for other modules like a sampler (phonohene/morphogene etc.) many added a delay.

I like looking at the 104 hp grouping in these terms it’s fun to see the tools that people pull in to their systems like brushes or color palettes.


image https://llllllll.co/uploads/default/original/3X/b/9/b92bbdba95096306cf0b783faff6a93aae81d03b.jpeg

  • clock
  • oscillator
  • oscillator
  • filter
  • ?
  • random source
  • envelope/Leo/utility
  • VCA
  • ?
  • ?




I’d rather have more ideas shared in one place than a lot of fragmented topics, myself. 4U 104hp is a lot more constrained than a 6U 208hp case.

Is my Structure EP-96 allowed to play?

Can’t upload current state of the case because my phone does not love Modulargrid :slight_smile:


image https://llllllll.co/uploads/default/original/3X/e/7/e706716ebc66313738701b49c307288c20fd068d.jpg

  • touch/tactile input
  • oscillator
  • filter
  • utility/LFO/envelope
  • granular delay reverb?
  • VCA
  • ?


  • Squiggles / LFO / noises
  • Dusty noises
  • Functions / oscillations
  • Oscillations / functions / VCAs
  • Filter / mixing / hair
  • Sequencer / touch control / CV memory
  • Pulses / bouncing balls
  • Shquarses


@soggybag I guess broadly speaking this fits the System Cartesian model, with some “redundancy” between Just Friends and either Maths or the Mangroves (although, like, in actual fact no redundancy).

  • uhhh, everything you can dream up / sequencer
  • sequencer (well, with LFOs if I get an Arc)
  • pure bliss
  • calculus class, also envelopes
  • oscillator
  • “spice in your modular melange” / meta-modulation
  • oscillator
  • filters
  • LPG
  • persistence / futurenows / loopers / delays / samplers

Would love ergonomics suggestions, though! currently I’ve got it as below, which works really well, the Clouds provides a good amount of cushion room for playing w/ W/. I suspect that the LxD would do so as well.


You could free up some hp with a uclouds…


ergonomics is brutal but i’ve definitely but X in “location” as a blocker for Y. when i rack Elements is a like a big field between interface components.

of course i only know what’s going to be a problem after a playable patch is together


This is my latest 104hp portable setup, with bonus Boris pic.


ergonomics thing you might want to try: i flipped my w/s upside down and they feel far more playable - something about key presses with my index/middle/ring fingers and flicking the toggle with my thumb/index really opens it up for me.


ooooh, thanks for the tip! I can see that being more comfortable


Ok pals, some suggestions would be welcome! I was planning on an 84hp setup, but a 104hp Intellijel case came up at a good price so I grabbed it. I have 17hp left in this sketch, what would you add? More VCAs? Fixed filter bank? Envelopes? Etc?

Example of current setup (below image minus VCS, A-198, A-136, and using A-118 instead of Noise Tools): https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZcevs7Zkbje9cXTUrk5AltEmyp2gjAMLwKV


@philmaguire You might consider a dual low-pass gate, for some percussive options, and yes more VCAs and envelopes would give a lot more flexibility. Envelopes can also be LFOs of course. I would also miss delay, something that can be CV’d for more fun, perhaps a Chronoblob or something small…