10bpm dance party


Many things Butō-related can be perceived as very slow, that was my first thought about what a 10bpm dance could be.


good idea😀
emailed a loop for collaboration
plz feel free


I started a track last night. I started with a drum beat but in the end i took it out. a choir of 6 second (or multiples of )loops worked much better. Something reminiscent of Zoviet France.Which is good, obvioulsy, but now Im unsure if its dance music… or rather I am pretty sure that it isnt.

Funily enough 10 bpm isnt as slow as i imagined it would be.


Started today also. Playing around with generative patches. Going 4 to the floor! Need to edit my synth voices though. Not dancy enough.


The trick is probably just to be true to your own music. If someone normally hits the bass drum every beat, then they can put one every 6 seconds (in any time signature). An industrial rock musician could hit the bass drum every 12 seconds. But if your bass drums are normally 8th notes or in polyrhythms, then stick with that. Nobody really has grounds to complain when your 10 bpm sounds different. They’d probably appreciate the variety they receive and be glad that they didn’t specify more criteria.


The idea is really simple: very slow music.


An example:


I also started a track for this the other day, but I make noise music so working in any tempo is quite foreign to me. I have a past track where the bassy sound is every 10 seconds in the 1st verse, so it kinda fits a 12 bpm rock beat. Are they danceable? Not really!


A first attempt. 10 bpm 3/4 time. The strange chords are from Aalto using a scala tuning from the Korg Monologue.


Eerie, horror film vibes. :+1:


Can you tell us more about clyp website?
(Just having a look now, and loving your track BTW!)

Was ‘clyp’ mentioned when we were making suggestions for life after Soundcloud?
Any unique features or positive things you feel?


I don’t really know anything about it. But, it seems to work? I was at my upload limit for SoundCloud. Shrug.


Nice one! it’s funny how something still feels rhythmic even at 10bpm. I think you did a good job at creating enough interest between the beats, which I think is the way to do such a slow track.


Rough&dirty work in progress:

https://cp.sync.com/dl/f5d30ff30#fft86jkp-4tdiqg3j-er4qb7jg-mhvnxb9t (new mix)

Not sure I ever will get past rough&dirty, but it’s been fun to make this so far.


I like it. Even more than 20 characters.


beatmaker2 goes down to 10

plz feel free to collaborate on this one… :slight_smile:


ended up somewhere more gothy…and put the beat back at the centre

all sound good so far,


thanks! forgot to add some info btw. The track is built upon a sketch made for LRCP-synaesthesia, and uses the handpan recording by @GoneCaving (used here with his kind permission).


I’m loving the dark athmosphere here… and the reverby bassdrum!


Reverby bass drum just seems like the thing to do. And big chords in a progression with lots of modulation…