10bpm dance party

thanks for the comments/likes. sent it off to copenhagen.

was thinking that 10bpm is about the right tempo for a viking longboat drummer.


Here’s mine :slight_smile: I didn’t listen to anyone else’s track before this was “finished” so that I wasn’t too swayed by different approaches… I kept the patterns as close to traditional “dance music” as I could.


This started off as 10bpm, but my discipline slipped halfway so some of it definitely isn’t. Thought I’d send it in anyway:

It’s certainly slow at heart.

Nice to use some sound from my new Karp :grinning:

Here’s a stab–my friend may add some vocals. After I finished it, I realized the chord change is the same as for “Don’t Stop Believing.” Do you think Journey would let me open for them?


Here’s my track. I put it together in Reaper, which is ideal for any tempo or no tempo at all:


Did a new revised version:


Chill Waltz - 10bpm


  • 3/4 time at 10bpm. The 16th notes really make it feel like 3 bars of 4/4.
  • The melody was mostly 1/4 notes with a few 1/8 notes.
  • The drums were sparse 16th notes. Some delay was added to provide some sort of flow. After all, it is a waltz;)

has anybody sent their tracks to the label who organizes the evening?

I sent mine to them at the email address on their original post. No response, but I’m hoping they got it.

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yeah didn’t get a response either… which is why I was asking.

I sent mine on the 17th and got a friendly reply from Onetake- someone called Greta. Perhaps as it is snowballing they cant keep up with the thankyou emails.

I didn’t get a response, but I could see they’d most likely downloaded my track as I used a Mediafire link.

Looks like they got quite a bit of material. 15 hours they say on the latest tumblr post.


Not sure if the deadline has ended but here’s my contribution:


A collaboration between me and a friend (https://soundcloud.com/a-thousand-mouths). The backbone of the track is based on a drone I made with a Macumbista Benjolin and Meng Qi Rollz-5+ spiced up with some samples from me playing the Lyra-8. Beats are made on a Drumbrute through a Monotron delay + dynamic reverb. The melodies were done a Yamaha Reface CS/Volca Keys/Monologue, pads on Volca FM. Run through some additional effects, including a Roland space echo. Mainly sequenced on an Elektron Digitakt. Recorded live.

I’m reviving this thread because I recently updated the firmware in my Mordax Data and there are now four clocks out, but the really cool thing is that the main clock can be taken down not only to 1bpm but to fractions of beats per minute such as 0.01 and then that can be divided or multiplied by up to 48 with offsets from -96 to +96. If this wasn’t enough, all four clocks offer CV modulation of divide/multiply and offset.


Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea a Mordax Data firmware update was available.