128 Grid Vari acting up

I was trying out the Grainfield Max4Live app, when I noticed my Grid 128 Vari is now lunching in Grid 64 mode.
I have tried with other max projects and same behavior.It does behave normally when connected to Ansible or Earthsea.
Thoughts? What am I doing wrong?

Now even when I connect the ARC to my computer it is not working properly and “crashing”.
It works just fine using it with Ansible and WHite Whale hmmmmm

a quick thought, would not explain the arc crashing, but could the orientation have gotten changed on your grid? if it were rotated 90/270 degrees might appear like just 1/2 of it was displaying

I would not know how could have happened ah.Both controllers acting up with max4live / max, but absolutely fine with modules.

agreed, does seem fishy, just thought it might be worth a try. I’m fairly certain I got real irked once when I had the rotation setting switched to run mlr w/ the 128 vertical, then went back to a horizontal app

In any case, I doubt I can offer further help, but you should elaborate on your system (win/mac, OS version, max version, ableton version, serialosc version) and any information the max window is bringing up when it crashes as this will help the people more familiar w/ these technical issues

would likely also be helpful to clarify, when you say “crash” is that the program (max or ableton) or your whole computer? and does this happen just w/ the arc or additionally w/ the grid?

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Download monome home if you haven’t. You can check rotation and what not easily.


Thank you so much, the Monome Home in fact showed the rotation on GRid wasnot set to 0
Having using Grid for only a few months I did not even know that was possible.
I am still wondering how it set off though on its own…or is there maybe a sequence of keys that activates it?

You may have accidentally clicked on a rotation button in a patch. When you do change your monomes rotation it will stay on that rotation setting until changed again.