128 Midi Buttons

Hello folks,

how can I use my 128 as a pure MIDI mappable 128 button device for Ableton Live?
Do I have to use pages or any similiar app or is there an easier way?

Thanks for helping me out.

Hey. You’re looking for an app called “insanity”.

Thank you. Is there a 128 version of Insanity?

oh sorry. I didn#t understand the pages idea. got it. thanks!

I use monome_midi. Just enable whatever port you want to use and use a channel in Live to route any LED info info you want to go to the monome.

You can use multiple instances if you also run pages. Definitely install pages. Super useful for running multiple monome apps at once.

Thanks Jessemiller. Do you have a link to monome_midi? Or don’t you mean an app?

It is included in the monome base collection of utility apps.

Do you have a link? I can’t find it.

Sorry, was on my phone at the time of posting. It’s here. Pretty simple app. Don’t know if you do any MAX programming, but you can tweak it out to fit your needs.

Thank you @jessemiller !