128 vb Sierra weirdness

So I just got a grid and have none of the trilogy modules and am waiting on ansible and an arc4.
So my hard disk died a couple of weeks back and I was on mountain lion and I got a day to play before the HDd died.
What I’m noticing since doing a fresh install of Sierra and installing max 7, SUM is horridly slow. There is no way I could perform with this…
Is there a known issue with Sierra?

anyone? Anyone? :slight_smile:

Wish I could help but I’m still on El Capitan. (Also not much of a SUM user.)

Are you seeing this issue with other patches?

Anything simple I could try to see if it reproduces on my OS?

can you be more specific about what is actually slow?

Thanks guys for the input but I think it’s user error. I hadn’t learnt to navigate the various apps and so was confused just where I was :slight_smile:
Once I’m sure it’s not user error and there’s a problems still I’ll report back