13 angels

Summon 39 angels and find out!

Francesco Botticini (1446 – 1498)
Celestial Order Observes Refactoring of the Script, 1476.
Tempera on wood, 228.6 x 377.2 cm.


Updated version is sounding awesome by the way! Thank you for this!

PS: I think I just opened up some sort of portal just now by running 13 Angels through the Make Noise QPAS into a Eventide Blackhole Shimmer Reverb.

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^- this but in pixel art



@huron This is brilliant! Didn’t think about connecting a sequencer to it on 2 x rand mode. I’ll try it out and see what devilish sounds can I get

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

Sounding and behaving much better now :slight_smile: I did manage to get it to hang a note by playing my midi keyboard in too fast arpeggio mode

ok you are officially making software directly targeted at me now lol. this is one of my all time favorite songs. you are visionary


Feature suggestions:

  • fine control of the delay time
  • control over the relative pitch of the 2nd voice would be great, eg if it could be in a different octave /some semitones up or down / detune etc

That’s an extremely serious setup


This is really nice, great work! However, it looks like you forgot to attribute Matias Monteagudo for the Supercollider code, as the license that he published the code under dictates, perhaps you would like to do that? (And please don’t take this as a criticism, I’m sure he’s just happy that the code inspired you to make this script!)


Thank you!! as I mentioned in the walkthrough I couldn’t find the author of the original SC code and would love to give them credit for their work.
I found it in a post which had a broken link to the original submission so I couldn’t figure out who’s the author.

I updated the README and engine code to include the proper attribution.

  • control over the relative pitch of the 2nd voice would be great, eg if it could be in a different octave /some semitones up or down / detune etc

Oh that’s a sick idea! I’m definitely implementing something like that next.

The delay fine control sounds like a good idea as well.

After hearing what people made with it I think adding a way to control the envelope would be great as well. You can get some interesting sounds by messing with the attack and release.


You’re welcome, I actually just stumbled on it today when browsing the Supercollider patches at patchstorage.com: MM - 8 voice Vowels Choir Synth | Patchstorage


Oho, Matias seems to be up to a lot of good stuff! I would have to check more of his work for inspiration.

Also, just noticed you’re also from Helsinki - small world!


What who mentioned Helsinki, my home city? :wink: Now in Copenhagen though.


I lived in Helsinki for the last 7 years or so! (: Didn’t expect so much representation from the area, but I guess it’s a logical continuation of the demo scene


More Helsinki people here, there’s quite a few of us!

I love the original song, and this seems like a brilliant addition to the library – can’t wait to give it a try.


Anyone know if this is going to be listed in Maiden?