16n Faderbank: build help, dev suggestions

there is a way to send i2c commands to multiple devices but then you’d want a way to enable/disable specific devices, which would require its own op (or several).

an easier option could be having a 16n specific ops, something like FB.ON channel note velocity. and for polling we could have something like FB.CC channel cc (if 16n is running as follower). for the leader mode it could send notes as SC.CV/SC.TR 17…32 (one for each MIDI channel) and then send CCs as SC.CV 33…100 (sidenote, is there a way to prevent discourse from converting double dots to a triple dot?)

I still can’t get midi to work :sob:
It totally worked before my first attempt at changing the firmware to master mode.
But @infovore had done the original flashing of the Teensy. I’m at a total loss.

Ok this is kinda crazy and I’m not sure whats up…

If I compile the current firmware with USBType MIDI - 16 shows up as 4 devices (Port1, Port2, Port3, Port4) which should only happen when you select MIDIx4

Compiling with USBType Serial+MIDI works as it should (shows up as one 16n).

Can anyone else confirm that behavior or are my devices haunted?

Welp - Totally Haunted is my verdict. :laughing:
(I think it’s some leftover from Audio Midi setup thinking it was a MIDIx4 setup from a previous thing I had programmed that particular teensy for. I had to delete that device from Audio Midi Setup and it fixed it)

(I’m looking into this, but don’t really have capacity until Monday evening GMT - have written to Marcus tho).

hey @marcus_fischer - did you compile and flash or did you just push precompiled firmware with the Teensy Loader? (Pushing precompiled, known good firmware would help rule out your Arduino configuration.)

Sorry you are having troubles. Though, I feel a bit more sorry for that poor Teensy. :wink: (pics?)

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ok i’ve got MIDI ops working. if anybody wants to try:

teletype build:
(reflashing firmware will erase your presets, save them first!):

teletype.hex (572.9 KB)
teletype.zip (168.8 KB)

this build includes everything from the latest beta
@jimi23 - this also has the MIDI ops i did for the bus.

16n branch: https://github.com/scanner-darkly/16n/tree/ttmidi

the ops:

FB.ON channel note velocity
FB.OFF channel note

send note on/off. channels 1-16 will send to minijack MIDI, 17-32 to USB MIDI (it will subtract 16 from the channel number for USB). i tested with USB MIDI, however my minijack MIDI seems busted so don’t know if it works or not.

you can also send CCs to faderbank via MIDI and then request them via FB.CC channel cc. haven’t tested this one yet.

video demo
using it as a CV to MIDI converter - thanks to @slowwild for the idea!


20 characters of people.

ps—i love it

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How much longer must I wait for my Faderbank??? It’s being built but the knobs are the holdup. Can’t wait to try this out.

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talk to me of not having a single M2.5 screw to fix the panels, and the closest stock being 6 days of postal service away :smiley:

(otherwise, the build was very easy.)


Does anyone know where to get buchla style fader caps?

@Jonathan_Riley, this place was recommended by @shellfritsch.


Thanks for reminding me of these. My initial prototype’s caps keep cracking (was purchased from a different vendor). It is driving me CRAZY! Just ordered some of these delicious ones. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to install it but it doesn’t seem to work. I connect the Teletype to my Mac, double click update_firmware.command , after a few seconds, it asks me to confirm overwrite by pressing the button, I do but I have the impression that doesn’t have any effect… I reboot but it still the old firmware A235649,FB.ON “Unknown word”. Is there another way to update the firmware on Teletype ?

edit : I tried dfu-programmer at32uc3b0512 read > teletype.hex
dfu-programmer at32uc3b0512 start same issue

which version you had prior to the update? 3.0 or a beta?
double check that it’s using the updated hex file, not previous version.

I checked and I think I was using the stable release 3.0 so, the firmware is indeed loaded, but it doesn’t know FB.ON, FB.CC, FB.OFF That’s strange, I downloaded the zip and hex files you posted yesterday

i’ll double check in a bit

you still have the old hex file somewhere, and that’s what it’s flashing (A235649 is the latest beta from the 3.+ thread, not 3.0 release). i just flashed using both the hex and the zip i posted and both are the new versions. try deleting your teletype.hex and download it again.

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Thanks, I don’t know what happened exactly, but now it’s working. I re-dl the .hex The Teletype displays
“TELETYPE 16N MIDI” :slight_smile:

It’s cool to have these new midi operators, I just tested them.
I wanted to send the notes to a quantizer but I realized that the 16n is not recognized by Hermod, too bad. I need to buy a mini jack to din adapter…

why quantizer, you’re already dealing with quantized MIDI notes?

a nice thing about using teletype as a quantizer is you can apply additional transformations, create your own scales, switch between them easily, transpose etc.

or do something crazier, like creating note trains where number of pulses or their duration is proportional to the pitch, or create a MIDI echo effect, or emulate ADSR etc etc.

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