16n Faderbank: build help, dev suggestions


kinda thinking about this while working on another project. I’m guessing some of that will be applicable to what you’ve described. :grin:


Really ? Midi to i2c, interesting… :slight_smile:


I think it might be achievable - although the hardware MIDI is currently only working as a MIDI out, I think everything is changeable in firmware to make that possible.


So after a disastrous fall which ripped the usb socket out of my 16n’s teensy I was able to replace the teensy w/ a brand new one thanks to the superior skills and tools of my friend Jay at Darkplace. I am totally stuck in the flashing of the firmware though. by all accounts it looks as if the upload to the teensy was successful but it is not sending out any midi. It seems to show up in Live but shows no midi activity (w/ track and remote boxes checked) and I checked via the Chrome test page and also nothing.
any help would be majorly appreciated.

oh, also… CV works fine as does i2c … it’s just midi that isn’t working.


The firmware page on github mentions a couple things about midi. Have you checked these out?

  • You must compile this with Tools->USB type set to MIDI or Serial+MIDI .
  • Be sure that the board speed is set to 120mhz (overclock) for maximum repsonsiveness.
  • If you’re having issues compiling related to MIDI libraries or code: make sure your Arduino libraries folder doesn’t have any old versions of weird MIDI libraries in. The MIDI library should be installed by default via Teensyduino; otherwise, if you have the latest version of the 47effects MIDI library in your Libraries Manager, that’ll also behave. It turns out that older versions in the legacy libraries folder sometimes lead to conflicts.


FWIW - the code would not compile if MIDI or Serial+MIDI were not selected.

@marcus_fischer (just in case) Check your Arduino and Teensyduino versions. You should update to the most recent versions of those if you’re not. Especially if you have Arduino prior to 1.8.5 and Teensyduino 1.42. You can check for version numbers in the Arduino About box (on mac anyway). Current versions are 1.8.8 and 1.4.5

From a hardware standpoint you could check the resistors next to the MIDI jack and be sure those are all soldered correctly. oops I’m dumb usbmidi wont have anything to do with this.


yeah, I’m on 1.8.8 / 1.4.5

selected Serial + Midi and set it to 120mhz overclock

I don’t know what old libraries I should be avoiding but I made sure to have 47 effects Midi Library installed. Totally at a loss.


Actually you want to avoid the 47 effects library


should that read misbehave then?


Not entirely sure. But… I’ve uninstalled the 47effects midi lib and midi things seem to work properly. (Ensures there’s no conflicts)


Im working on some I2C to MIDI hardware that sits on the back of the Teletype and outputs midi onto the select bus which controls Distings, Malekko modules, Make noise Rene mk2 Tempi, mungo modules and more. Ive also got a DIN hardware output so the Teletype can sequence MIDI gear. Its working well!! @scanner_darkly did the heavy lifting and put the Teletype MIDI ops in, my part parsing the commands was pretty simple.

On the dev side, I wonder if TT ops could send I2C messages to 2 device addresses? That way MIDI.CC x y z could send messages to the faderbank (which could output on USB or TRS MIDI), as well as any dedicated hardware on a different address that might do the job in the future. Probably the most flexible way to do it


That sounds interesting. I can’t wait to try this :slight_smile:
However, I’m also looking for a device capable of converting MIDI messages to I2C. The other direction…
Norns to 301, Linnstrument to TXo etc


there is a way to send i2c commands to multiple devices but then you’d want a way to enable/disable specific devices, which would require its own op (or several).

an easier option could be having a 16n specific ops, something like FB.ON channel note velocity. and for polling we could have something like FB.CC channel cc (if 16n is running as follower). for the leader mode it could send notes as SC.CV/SC.TR 17…32 (one for each MIDI channel) and then send CCs as SC.CV 33…100 (sidenote, is there a way to prevent discourse from converting double dots to a triple dot?)


I still can’t get midi to work :sob:
It totally worked before my first attempt at changing the firmware to master mode.
But @infovore had done the original flashing of the Teensy. I’m at a total loss.


Ok this is kinda crazy and I’m not sure whats up…

If I compile the current firmware with USBType MIDI - 16 shows up as 4 devices (Port1, Port2, Port3, Port4) which should only happen when you select MIDIx4

Compiling with USBType Serial+MIDI works as it should (shows up as one 16n).

Can anyone else confirm that behavior or are my devices haunted?

Welp - Totally Haunted is my verdict. :laughing:
(I think it’s some leftover from Audio Midi setup thinking it was a MIDIx4 setup from a previous thing I had programmed that particular teensy for. I had to delete that device from Audio Midi Setup and it fixed it)


(I’m looking into this, but don’t really have capacity until Monday evening GMT - have written to Marcus tho).


hey @marcus_fischer - did you compile and flash or did you just push precompiled firmware with the Teensy Loader? (Pushing precompiled, known good firmware would help rule out your Arduino configuration.)

Sorry you are having troubles. Though, I feel a bit more sorry for that poor Teensy. :wink: (pics?)


ok i’ve got MIDI ops working. if anybody wants to try:

teletype build:
(reflashing firmware will erase your presets, save them first!):

teletype.hex (572.9 KB)
teletype.zip (168.8 KB)

this build includes everything from the latest beta
@jimi23 - this also has the MIDI ops i did for the bus.

16n branch: https://github.com/scanner-darkly/16n/tree/ttmidi

the ops:

FB.ON channel note velocity
FB.OFF channel note

send note on/off. channels 1-16 will send to minijack MIDI, 17-32 to USB MIDI (it will subtract 16 from the channel number for USB). i tested with USB MIDI, however my minijack MIDI seems busted so don’t know if it works or not.

you can also send CCs to faderbank via MIDI and then request them via FB.CC channel cc. haven’t tested this one yet.

video demo
using it as a CV to MIDI converter - thanks to @slowwild for the idea!


20 characters of people.

ps—i love it


How much longer must I wait for my Faderbank??? It’s being built but the knobs are the holdup. Can’t wait to try this out.