16n Faderbank: build help, dev suggestions

Hey Everyone. Was hoping someone could give me a bit of guidance.

Just finished flashing my 16n, plugged it into my norns and opened the Sines script, and all the faders work correctly except the 8th fader. I plugged a patch cable into the output for the 8th fader, and I’m getting the correct 0-5V CV, so it isn’t the actual fader itself.

I’ve done a lot of smd soldering, but I just paid to get the pre-soldered smd version. Any idea what specific components I should look at? Maybe half of the U5 MCP6004 is bad, as fader 7 works fine?

I experienced something similar with mine only with the 4th fader instead of the 8th.
Did you flash the latest firmware (2.1.1)?
What happens if you flip the device 180° via the web editor?

It’s not half an mcp6004. It’s possibly a firmware issue. Are you on 2.1.1, IE, latest firmware?

(If you are: there’s something I want to try).

Thank you for mentioning it could be a firmware issue, as it turned out to be the case.

I didn’t realize there was a hex file available and I had compiled it myself instead. Once using the hex file, everything seems to work now.


I had the same issue with the 5th fader. I changed the cc value to any other one, saved settings, verified it worked in norns with sines / midi-monitor, changed it back to the previous default cc number, saved, and it went back to working fine.
This was only an issue with norms somehow, midi monitor on mac and web editor responded correctly :person_shrugging:

The other issue i had with norns were the values being very jumpy once a lot of faders were above zero, but i fixed that by tweaking the “raw fader values” settings on the editor.

Edit: This was with the latest compiled firmware on github, and i see you got it fixed, but leaving it for posterity!

the fix was related to the time we take to switch between mux channels; however, I am also wondering if it’s really related to a bug in ResponsiveAnalogRead (that I just don’t want to go into).

@four_corneers - in general, post v2, the recommended process for installing 16n firmware is always to use a precompiled .hex verison, and Teensy Loader; otherwise we ended up having to double-check what version of everything everybody has.