16n Firmware 2.0.0 (currently: in alpha / nearly there)

I’m working on a firmware upgrade for 16n. It is, conservatively, about 50% done?

I am looking for people to test the alpha firmware. I am also looking to gather people’s responses to testing that alpha firmware. Right now, I am not looking for many people.

Criteria for being a good tester!

  • you have a 16n
  • that you use for MIDI, I2C or both. (Sorry, if you just use it for CV, that’s not affected by firmware).
  • you do not mind any configuration you have on it being blown away
  • you have access to Google Chrome, or no objection to using it.

Also: it would be good to get some people actually using I2C to help me with this. I do not use I2C with the 16n, and cannot offer any insight there.

Quick notes on the firmware.

It offers no new features on the faderbank.

It does not alter the hardware in any way. If you have a PCB marked 1.3(something), you’re fine

It does, however, significantly improve the experience of configuring the faderbank to your needs, adjusting that configuration, or having multiple configurations that you’d like to easily swap between.

I will gather a wee cabal to help me test this thing. I think it’s quite good. It is certainly signifiant enough to warrant a major version number - it is a breaking change going forward.


I should say - you should make yourself known if you would like to test. “Likes” are not interpreted as requests to know more.

I think I fit the bill. I can help test.

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I’d be happy to test MIDI (I2C Jack isn’t soldered on my 16n yet).

Midi, i2c here, willing to try and help.

Primarily using my faderbank for I2c connectivity, but I don’t often reconfigure my faderbank. Not exactly sure what fits the bill for testing. I have a solid I2c network, but the only thing I’ve changed was my midi cc mapping.

i use mine for both midi and i2c if you need someone

Thanks so far - will drop y’all a group message.

I’ve been using my 16n a lot lately
And have been tempted to find out what else it can do
If you need more help I’m in

I have one that I use for midi mostly. If you need more testers let me know.

Very excited that you’re doing this BTW. Thank you. The difficulty in changing the assignments is my biggest complaint with it.

MIDI use mostly for the time being.
I’d be happy to test and report !

midi only, happy to test

Midi + i2c here!

Thanks for your hard work