16n Firmware 2.0.1: release and official thread

If you have an MSW 16n with an LC, this will not work. If you have tried to apply it, you should be able to reflash the MSW 16n firmware as others have suggested.

More work will be required to make this work with a Teensy LC, clearly. If anyone would like to, the code is, as ever, available.


After trying my 16n seems to be working just fine. I just can’t connect to the web editor. Or am I missing something and need to flash it back to a previous build?

hmn, curious. boring diagnostic questions:

  • your 16n is a regular 16n with a Teensy 3.2 in it?
  • are you using Google Chrome?
  • are you using Windows, by any chance?
  • do you have any other applications that use MIDI (like a DAW) running at the same time?

If you are running a DAW in the background, try closing it before you use the 16n.

I hinted at this before, as usb midi out was working just fine for my teensyLC based device with firmware v2 (monitored with midi monitor). the device was just not detected by chrome. at some point it did in fact detect it, then when I wanted to persist the settings it went white and I could never make it detect again.

I did cross check my setup with another 16n board teensy 3.2 based which works as expected.

my guess is the dynamic memory is not enough for some kind of device or sysex handshake? no idea

let me know in case I can check/test anything else

macOS here

you’re stuck at default settings that’s all

…which is a bit of a bummer, as you’ll likely need to adjust the calibration. the point of this is that the web-editor should work.

OK. So that sounds like there’s something going on with a) the sysex handshaking and b) the EEPROM memory on the Teensy. I could probably test this without a MSW 16n if I only had access to a Teensy LC board; if I do, it’s at my studio, which I currently don’t have access to.

Thinking on this.


That was it actually. I just rebooted my computer and went back to the web config and it’s seeing it fine. I guess that answers which teensy my MSW was built with.

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Ah coo l I got so excited I read past the fact it doesn’t support the MSW version with bottom sticker (1.34LC). I’ll wait like the rest of you. :slight_smile:

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If you’re following along and interested, I’ve got a much better handle on why the editor isn’t working correctly with LC-based boards right now:

This is in the Teensy 3.x/LC MIDI libraries: the LC is setup to have a maximum sysex buffer length of 60 bytes (unlike the 3.2, which gets 290). The current payload from the editor is… ninety bytes. Which means any edit transmissions bugger up entirely.

I would rather work out a way to fix this in firmware than to have to rewrite the editor to send multiple payloads per edit. Primarily because: this works fine on the product as designed.

Anyhow, at least I know where one of the major blockers is. @okyeron kindly assisted me with some initial LC debugging last night which helped me get to this point, because, as mentioned, I’m at home with no access to any LC boards.


ah, screw it: nearly fixed this myself, I think, with some patches to firmware and to the editor.

There will be a delay whilst I get it out to testers and we see what we can do.


thank you for working on this! we really appreciate it

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Yes, thanks so much for your effort on this.

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20 characters of thank you.

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16n firmware v2.0.1 is out.

This does one thing: it adds support for LC-type boards. This necessitated changes to both the editor code and the firmware itself, but it works fairly neatly alongside master-pattern 16ns, which is an outcome I can live with.

My two LC testers have confirmed it works for them, so now, if you have a 1.34LC board from MSW, you too can try this. There’s a specific LC hex file on the release you will need to download.

There’s also a change to the editor, which is slightly experimental, but I like: if there’s a newer version of the firmware available to download, the editor currently prompts you to do so top right:


Anyhow. Fingers crossed this works for you. Time for bed here.


That update worked beautifully for me now. Thank you so much.

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16n + Fates users

If you’re using 16n with Fates, please see the Fates thread for a compatibility fix

update worked perfectly. thank you!

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@M4ngu any chance we’ll see this for the Sweet Sixteen at some point?

hey guys…
not sure if i just can’t see this…but…there is no button on my MSW 16n board.

or i am just looking in the wrong place.

i looked up images of Teensy boards and where there should be a button…well…there isn’t.

what can i do to update this thing?

thanks for any help!