16n is a bank of faders [release thread] [current version:1.33]


I’ll totally check those out.



I’m following this project since quite a while, and now I finally managed to order a TXb and will try to built (or buy a prebuilt) 16n – mainly to use it with the ER-301.

As awesome as this project is: Everytime I look at it I’m thinking “The only thing that’s missing are 16 additional buttons and gate/trigger outs.”

Of course this would be a substantial extension (or even a new project). I’d just like to hear if this would be possible in general, if it was discussed/considere before – or if it’s just a stupid idea.

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I went to sleep thinking about this last night and I have a couple ideas for an “expander”. This might be my kind of stupid idea :slight_smile:

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The beauty of this project is that it’s open source – the original faderbank design just had midi, then the CV was added later. I’m sure it’s somehow possible, but I’m guessing it would be quite a redesign.



There might be, if you put taller standoffs on the top half, and don’t push the fader caps on all the way. But I wouldn’t recommend the latter. It’s really designed to have the Teensy permanently attached.



Probably. There was a 500+ post thread in which many people had ideas, and some got incorporated, and others didn’t, and there was a lot of “wouldn’t it be neat if”. Would it be possible: quite possibly; I’m not sure how to do the gate outputs, but the buttons aren’t so bad. You’re looking at another multiplexer, a couple more pins for that, and then you have to work out how to do sixteen latching digital outs, which is hard, plus find space for jacks and buttons and reroute the entire board. It’s up to you. It’s certainly a good base for doing that too, but it’s not exactly an easy or obvious move.

I refer to my previous comments about feature-creep on this project. You are welcome to work on that new idea; all the information and materials you’d need to do so are available.

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All things being equal, 16 extra gates would be nice to have. The ER-301 uses comparators to detect gates—so you can also devote some faderbank channels as triggers. Also recommend the Addac 304–small and inexpensive source of gates.



Just came to say 16n works perfectly with my ER301 and I’m so thrilled. Thanks to everyone involved!



via i2c? or just regular cv?



I2c via txb. Really cool stuff.

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I noticed something, the device stops sending over midi on channel 3 with the 1.32 firmware, this changes to channel 2 with the master version. Going back to 1.31 they all work normy



Hang on; this needs more clarity: by default, it should be sending on MIDI channel 1 for all faders. This is set in config.h in usb_channels and trs_channels. Unless these have been changed?

And, when you say “1.32 firmware” - do you mean the compiled hex, or did you compile form source yourself?




I just tested this on another unit and it looks like there is something up with the mux in the other one, I cant repeat the issue…



Yeah, I also tested this and cannot reproduce: it behaves identically over MIDI regardless of MASTER mode. So that leads me to thinking… “reflow the mux”?



they’re machine stuffed. Could be a bad part



Please help recommend what kind of 3.5mm jack to USB cable is needed to make the connection from the 16n to my PC.



I think you just use the usb out of the teensy. MIDI over stereo 3.5 trs is for the midi din adapters or a breakout of some sort. And there’s the 3.5 mm i2c to use with your txb.



Jonny is correct.

USBmidi goes in/out on USB to the teensy. Hardware midi is out only on the minijack (on the right side) - with which you would want a MIDI minijack-to-DIN adapter to connect to DIN-MIDI devices or just a regular stereo cable to Arturia/Korg things with minijack midi inputs (switch selector on the front to choose between Arturia and Korg wiring)



I modded my 4ms Pod 60 to take an external I2c connection and it works great! A tidy little system that’s lots of fun.



awesome. I’ll do the same as well.

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