16n is a bank of faders [release thread]

As I’m coming up to speed on using my 16n with my ER-301, I’m more and more wanting an “i2c button” device, primarily to see about implementing mute (and perhaps solo) on a mixer unit.


Eesh, I don’t know. Gaff gets pretty gross over time, especially if it’s the cheaper stuff.

Classic tan masking tape is also bad. Some of the blue stuff is ok, but usually rated for a few days to weeks of removable time.

The drafting/artists-tape tends to be pretty reliable. Sticky enough to stay, tends to not rot as fast, its white and takes pen nicely.

There certainly does seem like there’s room for some latching buttons on the face of it.


Yeah, and even a separate device would be fine. Like this:


Hi all, I’m happy as today the 16n arrived in my hands, I have the Berlin Modular version.

Wanted to check if anyone has any idea as to why I can’t seem to properly upload any edits to the firmware, I have been trying to flip, reverse, master/follower mode, and nothing works. I needed to ask the guy who helped me build it to send over the hex he loaded when he built the 16n, upload that with the teensy software (without using teensyduino or arduino) before the i2c on my unit works again.

I’m guessing it might be something up with my Arduino program or something. I have just downloaded and installed today the latest versions of Arduino, Teensyduino and all the required libraries. When I’m compiling, I do not get any errors, but after I upload, its as if the hex is not the one which I copiled as it wouldn’t be ‘flipped’, ‘reversed’ or whatever flagged it for.

I’m on a macbook pro retina 2015 running Mojave 10.14.6

Thanks in advance!

Not entirely sure what might be going wrong. But it might be worth reviewing this article about flashing teensy’s

How to flash the firmware on a Teensy micro-controller

If you have a hex file you need ONLY the Teensy Loader application. You only need Arduino, etc. if you’re compiling from source.

The github releases page has hex files for standard and i2c master modes.

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I put two strips of “whiteboard tape” on my desk surface in front of the 16N, and use dry erase markers. It’s supposed to come off cleanly, and if it doesn’t, it’s an Ikea tabletop that I’ve already gouged and scratched up a little.

My first suspect is always a power only usb mini cord if a teensy just wont flash.

Firstly: everything @okyeron and @coreyr said holds up. However, it sounds like you’ve worked out how to flash hex files from Teensy loader, and the problem is, specifically, flashing new firmware from the Arduino software?

Required libraries are RepsonsiveAnalogRead, CD74HC4067, and Teensyduino. You must compile with USB type (Tools->USB) set to “MIDI”. You should make sure you’re compiling for Teensy 3.2.

Next things to check: does the code compile correctly? As in, when you just click the “tick” icon, does it compile without flash?

If it does, now try flashing it. Does the Teensyduino loader pop up, and does it say that it Programmed OK? Or does it ask you to push reset to program it? You might need stick something flat, like a ruler, in through the edge to knock the reset button on your Teensy board, though I’ve never had this happen to mine.

If the loader software looks like it isn’t loading, it might well be a USB cable issue.

Screengrabs or copypasta are super valuable here, there might be clues in the details.


Thank you all for your reply, like magic I reinstalled teensyduino again and used another cable and this time it compiles and installs properly. I’m suspecting its both my teensyduino install and the cable that were giving issues. Problem solved, works like a charm <3

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Hello, all; just to let you know I’ve put out a 1.34 release which you almost certainly don’t need to upgrade to - it’s more about keeping the repository gardened and accurate.

To quote the changelog in the top post:

Thanks to @lemmings for their help with the ResponsiveAnalogRead tweak, and apologies to @dansimco for the slightly oversized panels.


Anyone here using 16n with TT, both in Master mode controlling the 301? Any success?

I’m having this issue where the 16n works for the first couple of minutes before hanging, tried all different types of firmware including the latest 1.34, same issue. TT and 16n are not broadcasting on any of the same i2c numbers. Is it just maybe too much for the i2c bus?

And does FLIP and REV only work for i2c? Because the direction is correct when I’m using i2c but the analog outputs do not get flipped or reversed.

FLIP and REV only work for I2C and MIDI. They don’t work for analog outputs, because, for reasons, the analog outputs are raw 5V that’s attenuated. That’s a design choice, and it can’t be altered (well, not without drastically increasing the component count).


Rather than trying to do that, I just had Teletype poll the 16n and pass along values to SC.CV. It worked pretty well, though it meant giving up the metronome for those scenes.

while it might work in some conditions, a multi leader set up is not properly supported and will likely cause problems.

one thing you could do is use the main metro rate to update 16n values and use a divided rate for other tasks:

// poll and update 16n values
// do regular metro stuff

where N is the division.

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I’ve got some plans for the extra room in those panels. Hoping to invalidate that apology :wink:

Thank you @Starthief, @infovore and @scanner_darkly for your replies and advices. Will reinstall follower mode and try out those commands, and yes when it was once in follower mode, no crashes happened. I just saw someone on the 301 forum that some folks got it working with 2 leader modes.

Changed it to Follower and all is working well. I am using the code in the metro script:

L 1 16: SC.CV I FB I

This works great. Want to check how do I make the SC.CV.SLEW command work in the Init script?

I’m using L 1 16: SC.CV.SLEW I 100

It doesn’t work upon power on, only when I trigger manually the init script does the slew command gets transmitted. I guess this has to do with the ER301 having a delayed startup?

Is there a way to delay that looping command in the Init script?

I think this is the right place to ask. Anyone find a good, not-too-big case that safely holds the 16n? Getting tired of wrapping it in a towel. Thanks.

Magma CTRL Case