16n is a bank of faders [release thread]

Many thanks for this, just the confirmation I needed. Hope it confirms the queries of others who search for it too. :heart:

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Apologies if this should be in a different thread but I’m planning on building a Fates and possibly a 16n. I’m curious if there are any scripts on Norns (or Orac) that people are using their 16n to play around with. I have a modular setup so 16n is appealing regardless and have seen the “I don’t plan on getting Grids, is Norns a waste?” question elsewhere on the forum. Mostly just curious as in my poking around I haven’t seen much of people integrating the two. It’s possible I’m just missing something, too. Thanks!

I’m currently about to get/build a 16n myself. While primarily for VCV Rack (and the eventual Euro Rack that I’m sure my GAS will force me to start building), I could see myself using the 16n a lot. Thing is, with the Norns, it’s a great tool to midi train for certain controls.

Some examples I’ve been thinking about (while not FULLY sure are all possible):

Controlling my awake pattern params when running in to my VCV builds. This way I can control note length and base volocity.

Bpm control for Meadowphysics. Would be sweet to speed up and slow down the cascading patterns as a way to blend between tracks (while loading new racks or queuing up equipment)

The beauty of the 16n being midi/CV/i2c (but mainly Midi on the Norns) is any param that has a midi learn function in the script can be mapped.

Happy patching! (Ps, where you getting your 16n from? You gonna make your own faceplate? Kit or PCB?)

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I can’t seem to find a link anywhere to the latest firmware and a guide to update. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

Yeah I suppose I need to dig into the scripts a little more and see how they work and can be interacted with (github is a nightmare for me for whatever reason).

May just get the pcb and panels from pusherman unless someone here on lines has spares.

Did you read the top post of this thread?(4th paragraph) then on GitHub look for “releases”

Then this thread may also be useful


Thank so much! Did look on GitHub but the wrong places, overlooking Releases. Will give it a shot following your guide :slight_smile:

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I apologize if this is not the right thread: does anyone have experience with the Berlin Modular edition of the faderbank? (switch Selectable 10V or 5V output on the back for each fader).
Anyone building these here in US?


Hey y’all, I’m having an issue with my newly built 16n. Basically, it will automatically drop out very quickly. The first slider is clearly having some sort of electrical issue, in which it is not properly coming through as one CC. Anywhere I might look on the board to find some issues

So, the current situation is that while the 16n is properly plugged in, the CC begins to flip between cc39 and cc47. Seems there might be a short somewhere along those lines. Could anybody advise about what I might be able to do to pinpoint and fix the issue?

I have one on order…will update when i get my grubby little mitts on it.

Hello there,
I noticed that my 16n doesn’t seem to reach full midi values (127) at the maximum throw of the faders. has anyone else had this issue?
I saw three posts on the GitHub w/ no resolution https://github.com/16n-faderbank/16n/issues/26

any help would be appreciated.

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I’ve noticed this happening depending how it’s powered. I had it plugged into my computer via a hub and that was enough to lesson the voltage it was operating with, which I think in turn affected the max midi value.

weird… Via computer or via norns the result is the same.

Have you tried a different usb cable and did it just start happening?

I’ve been experiencing the same issue. Just built mine, new firmware. This occurs when plugged in to my norns or the computer. I will test with a different wire just to check.

If, for example, I’m using this with mlr on norns, my max levels are .97 regardless of the wire.

Seems like a calibration routine is in order

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i believe that these values (in config.h) can be adjusted to narrow the min/max range.


sounds like max is out of range, so decreasing that value slightly should help…


I apologize if this has already been asked, but is it possible to control a DAW and Modular at the same time?

EX: Faders 1-8 controlling parameters in ableton and faders 9-16 controlling CV on a eurorack?

Yep, it totally is.

You’d connect the voltage outputs of 9-16 to your CV inputs on eurorack. You can use the MIDI outputs of channels 1-8 in your DAW, either via the hardware MIDI, or via USB.

Powering it from your computer’s USB whilst connecting it to Eurorack should work, but there’s an upper bound to the current a computer can supply over USB, and if you run into issues there, powering the 16n over USB and using the minijack MIDI out might be a safe bet.


yes. Any fader will give values simultaneously on USB-Midi, CV out, I2C out, mini-jack MIDI.