16n is a bank of faders [release thread]

Thanks again, will have a look for one :slight_smile:

Yeah, I reckon that the top pads being ripped off mean your data lines aren’t connected to the pads underneath. My guess would be that the pad here which leads to the via hole (which joins tracks from the top of the board to the bottom) means you have a gap in the data signal. I would try scratching the solder resist off the trace and bridging that gap with a little wire. It’ll be really fiddly, but you have nothing to lose

Actually, it’s absolutely tiny isn’t it :rofl: replace the teensy if you can :+1:

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Thanks for the information. Yeah. I just got a Teensy LC in the mail and flashed it with the latest 16n firmware. I’m going to do the USB B cable to the underside USB pins on the LC and if that checks out, desolder and replace the Teensy 3.2 with the LC.

Not a very pretty solution, but I ordered some of these boards from OSH Park to try out.


Edit: just wanted to update and thanks for the tip of the macaba/Teensy-3.2-USB repo. I ordered some boards from OSHPark and wired one up last night. While it certainly adds a bit of additional space requirements (the bulk of the jack and the attached cable) one can’t speak poorly of a well-made Amphenol connector and the abundancy of USB-B cables in the wild. It’s clearly an improvement.

Unfortunately the panel of the 16n doesn’t quite fit the jack - but a little shave with a Dremel did the trick.

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How does this work? I’m trying to connect aalto interface to midi mapping but can’t make sense of how


I don’t recall off the top of my head but I can refresh my memory and get back to you. It’s not hard.

Or perhaps @randy has the killer insight readily at hand?!?


i just figured it out!!!


There’s no MIDI mapping UI in Aalto but it has the usual VST / AU parameters controlling the sequencer steps so you can do it in your DAW of choice.


Hello everyone, new here. I hooked up my sweet 16 to my TeleType for the first time today and I have a question regarding the calibration proces. If I type in the commands,
and then verify
FB 1
TT returns a 0
when I do this a couple of seconds later it returns -4
I recalibrate
TT returns 0
after a few seconds it returns 2

I realise that these are really small values. But is it normal? Almost all my faders behave like this.

16n owners: your help is requested!


i just flashed 2.1.1 to my 16n and now the light on the teensy doesn’t go on and it won’t connect to the web editor… did i fry it somehow?

Unlikely you fried it. To confirm: you flashed the 2.1.1 hex file with Teensy loader? Next question: did you flash the right one? There’s two hex files,.one for Teensy 3.2 and one for LC, and they’re not compatible.