17 - Diy Teensy midi controller

Here is a link to a project i have been working on, inspired by the Fourn controller and the arc | grid.

Its a 17 potentiometers teensy midi controller.

Thanks to @tehn for sharing the original files for the project.



thanks !!!

can you share the dimensions ?

trying to figure out if the PCB is small enough to edit in the free version of eagle (80cm2 / 12.4in2)

I opened the .brd file in the free version of Eagle. It is 9824 x 4717 mil, which too big. It can be opened and viewed, but not edited.

Looking at the project - it is a very large PCB for not much electronics. I’d be tempted to instead use panel mount pots (which would be more stronger) - and wire them to a jumper harness on a much smaller board with the teensy.

FWIW - If @thopa could add gerbers to the repo, you could always throw those into a gerber viewer or OSHPark to view the dimensions, etc.


Yes, it is a big board. The same length as an arc or a 128 grid, but half the width size of a grid.

Its half the size of the original fourn n 128:

I wanted a simple controller to use with my fates that was more or less the same size as the grid | arc.

Ill post the gerbers later.

Here is how it looks in oshpark:



Maybe for the future making a Norns with integrated grid or arc or knobs or sliders or touchscreen?

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Finished my 4 :slight_smile:


Is this an open-sided case? Could you do a side profile shot? Beautiful work!

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tons of pics in the repo !


@thopa ! 2 questions:

are you using 10mm spacers between the board and top panel ?

& are the pins on the rear of the board required ? (for additional power & ground) weirdly those pins are not available from pjrc

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Oooh nice.
I would love to see an edit w/ i2c out like the 16n. Great work.

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Yes those are M2.5 10mm long spacer with hexnuts and bolts.

The only pin used in that back row is the +3v: