Redeemed. Thank you. It is quite lovely.

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Thanks for releasing this, @infinitedigits, and thanks for the offer codes. I look forward to listening to this again and again and again…

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thank you everyone for the kind words. I hope the music accompanies you well :slight_smile: I have found a lot of joy in listening to some of the drones while walking next to the lake shore. the ambiance of washing waves works well.


Many many thanks, I’ll be listening later today.
And also thanks for all the cool dronecaster’s drones!

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I used 8alj-35k3

Listening now and really digging it. Thanks!

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Amazing! not only is this a great album, it’s spurred me to investigate drone caster and your sc patches. thank you so much.


Thank you so much, your album and dronecaster might be the reasons I finally try to get a norns


i redeemed v3jy-elqd thank you so much. i fell asleep to the first drone last night!

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I listened the other night and really appreciated the diversity of moods in the drones. Beautiful stuff, I’m impressed that Dronecaster is capable of so much!

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Redeemed! Really enjoyed everything I previewed, excited to dive deeper. Like others, got me even more excited to pick up a Norns in the next batch and try out dronecaster!

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PSA: you can easily run dronecaster synths in any supercollider installation. no norns required


gmdq-3ez3 redeemed. Thank you for sharing !

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Oh, I made that! Flattered to see it making the rounds.


Thank you so much. This popped up in my band camp feed, before I saw it here. It’s beautiful and intense. Had an shitty day yesterday, but these tracks was the perfect filter to watch the world through.

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for me a good drone makes the world stand still in a sort of cosmic respite. I’m super happy that some music made your bad day better. I hope your days improve

ah I didn’t know that! your amazing creations have been an inspiration for me. one of my first norns scripts (which I never really released) was a kalimba follower based on your kalimba. also I love all your examples of drum sounds. really everything you put up on sccode sounds great and is super instructive. thank you!!


Thanks so much for sharing! Beautiful release and amazing to get insights into your supercollider wizardry.

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I think they’re all named for musicians.

starlids = Stars of the Lid
toshiya = ?
mika = Mika Vainio
coil = Coil
hecker = Hecker or Tim Hecker? (the former’s got releases like A Script For Machine Synthesis but the latter is more famous)
malone = Kali Malone
sachiko = Sachiko
dreamcrusher = Dreamcrusher
sunno = Sunn O)))


c7v6-guat redeemed, thank you!

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this album now with 50% more drone!

I’ve been making some new drones. instead of making another album of drones, I just opted to add these to the album. so now the album-formerly-known-as “12,000” is “18,000”. it is now 18,000 seconds of drone music.

here are the new drones:

low - Noise & harmony.

this drone was very loosely inspired by trying to sound design something similar to the distortion on Low’s latest album and also preserve an interesting juxtaposition between noise and harmonies. as usual with my sound design attempts its not really close at all to my goal but the destination is still worthwhile.

rehberg - Dense, distorted, overwhelming.*

another sound design project I had was trying to figure out the distortion/bass on Bon Iver’s 22, A Million album, specifically: this half-second of audio. I have no idea what I’m doing when trying to reverse engineer these sounds, and the result wasn’t even close, but the process helped me find some cool sounds which I incorporated into this drone.

strega - Filtered delayed madness.

the make noise strega has a neat use of delay and filter and I tried to emulate that here. I was very deliberate about this drone. I have several oscillators being delayed at different rates and the whole thing goes into a tape-delay which is randomly sped up and slowed down. then all of that gets filtered and the filter oscillates randomly. its basically how I play the strega but here its on autopilot with supercollider code.

lleb - Bells twisting spacetime.

the starting point for this drone came from xffff’s tired pads. I liked the general idea of feeding a bunch of different voices into a klank. instead of spawning lots of synths, I made mix of a bunch of oscillator groups that are all modulating their pitches constantly (randomly). it was a little bit “pitchy” so I equalized it inside the synthdef.

eno - Music for airports

I found a transcription of Eno’s Music for Airports and used that for the basis of this drone. I wrote some chords over it and have those delivered underneath the notes randomly. the melody timbre is oscillating between the classic PolyPerc and Ezra’s Dreadmoon piano. the chords are pretty much based on starlids. I could listen to this one for hours.

if you already have the album, I think that these new drones will show up for you in bandcamp. if you don’t have the album, here are bunch more codes:

click for codes nxht-yl6q lqe3-7j8z q87w-v6b6 guw4-6y4k ywjq-yuv8 ypg7-3qz2 t62d-c9yh 2ylp-xtnv dtpg-ebq9 x9zw-khja hy2q-6v8b qum9-ykbx fl8k-39lq lsk2-h9vt ej3a-vtzb gbxg-62kx 3dcy-yh6q dqjn-7v8z pgbl-vkb6 kxkj-vprv uqz8-grw9 vg2t-3llt 9kly-hm5b znpy-vg2w na9n-6344 w6tl-kxja cynj-kq8b e258-g9bx rl6t-3zlq dcy3-hzvt k6uw-w6th uzwq-hguv xtj9-53j9 qkgu-3s9t 9ntd-h4g7 zdzp-varv 3jtg-g2w9 5gny-3hlt gtdz-hj5b tnqz-vy2w 258u-kr44 xjj2-7qgz j9bd-vzr6 62xc-6thk zxee-y7m8 ze6f-bjk2 z83l-wkth 3zxj-hyuv wyq8-erj9

as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask.



Congrats on the additional new tracks.

I’ve always wondered, with Eno and the Chords. Do they shift or retune with the root note of drone pitch?

Are the same set of Chords, or do they change on each load of the drone?

It sounds delightful!

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