1st generation Arc - repair possible?

I am thinking about getting a 2011 push button Arc but can’t find information about its interiours, mainly the encoders used.

They are a bit on the older side now and just in case, would it be possible to repair them or exchenage the encoders? I am not concerned about doing it by myself but wonder if I would still be able to get the parts.

Also, could the encoders get bad when a device is not in use over years? Like when the Arc has been stored in a cupboard before getting back to use. I know that physical pots/faders sometimes get inprecise when they are not moved.

I think Arc used optical encoders, right? So they might not wore out in the same way but would they get affected by permeatig dust?

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the encoder part is this: EM14A0D-C24-L064S

it should be straightforward to disassemble the unit, desolder the busted encoder, and reassemble in reverse order. take photos as you go for reference.

we stopped using these encoders as we were having problems with their reliability, despite the fact that they are very expensive.

if you’d like to get it repaired for a fee, email help@monome.org


I got a second hand push button arc 2 from eBay last year, and I am pleased to report that I have had no problems so far. When it arrived, one encoder was a little gunky/sticky. I took the knob off with a very small Allen key, hit it with some keyboard cleaner and cleared out the gunk. That is the only problem I’ve had so far.

Feel free to message me if you end up getting one.