1U Switch module

I would love to have Switch in a separate 1U module. The Isms look amazing, but I am already comfortable with my set up, so I would only need the 1U switch. is it possible to just purchase this and not the whole utility strip/case? or are anyone modifying a regular 3U switch? Thank you!

here are the eagle files for the normal 3u. the isms is not a 1u, it’s integrated into the overall design.

feel free to mod this as needed for a 1u etc. please share any new designs here, preferably via a public oshpark link.

switch-eagle.zip (61.0 KB)

Like so?

Need to do some other things, because I’m at work, but could happily finish this up and stick it on OSHPark. Needless to say, frontpanel is left as an exercise for the reader…

(PCB height based on Erthenvar spec)


wow, nice turnaround time there.

ideally the power barrel could be wired internally. the 5v regulator is here:


it takes 7v to 36v, so it can plug into the 12v rail close to the source, but it’d be better to plug it into whatever the incoming DC power is, which might require a hack. and have the ground attached close to the power jack.

so instead of populating the DC jack you could just wire it direct.

I have a 1U panel for an Intellijel case on the way.
Simple conversion of the standard 3U version onto a 1U.
If it works out as planned I’d happily share the FPE file.


I think the PCB jack is fine - given you basically need the space for the other components anyhow.

The whole thing comes in at 60mm, which makes for a 12HP 1U module. There are three M3 mounting holes, as well as the mounting nut around the switch.

I’ve put the 1U board on OSHPark. @tehn, if I need to credit it more appropriately, let me know.


wow, thank you. everything looks great.

@Andesh do you see what @infovore just did??

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Hello! very happy to come across this, and thank you @infovore for taking the time to draw this up. Im hoping to build this into a 1u row I have in the works and was curious if there is a BOM available for the components used.
Thank you!

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No bom yet.

Also, disclaimer: I’ve never actually built one. And I’m a lot better at drawing these things up than I was.

Might take a second pass and add on the internal power option…


Awesome! Id definitely be interested ordering some of those boards whenever you find the time to get something together! Thank you so much for such a prompt reply - even on such a buried thread.

email alerts are magic. Also I like it here.


This mornings project. This 1U switch fits neatly inside a 1590A enclosure. Rather than cutting rectangular holes in the lid I had a go at modelling it in Fusion 360. This is the first time Ive tried to model something, I did it with calipers. Fits nice for a first print. I didnt install the DC input or regulator, taking the 5V from one of the USB ports instead. Ill build up another with DC in and verify that fits and then post the .stl :slight_smile:


Blessed be the day! This looks great!