2 devices to 1 host eurorack switch: two > one

two > one

two devices to one host switch in eurorack format
can be used to switch between grid / keyboard, or grid / arc
(could likely be used with other devices but these are the 2 combos i tested specifically)

provides power to the currently selected device
can be powered from eurorack or from a USB power supply

make sure to provide enough power - grids can draw up to 600mA!
also make sure to not connect both euro and USB power at the same time

4hp, very shallow

a limited number of 1u faceplates will also be available,
compatible with both intellijel and pulp logic 1u formats (22hp)

price and availability:

module - US$60
1u faceplate - US$10

this includes shipping within Canada and US, international shipping is $10
still a few available, if you’d like one send me a message.

huge thanks to @MengQiMusic for making this possible!
i never thought i’d ever get to release a module…


Excellent! A couple questions:

  1. Is that a USB-A jack underneath the panel near the module top? If so, what for?
  2. I realize this is probably mostly aimed at Grid sharing, but: could this be used to switch a (typing) keyboard between Teletype and a computer? Monome Switch does not do this properly.
    2a. Actually maybe that’s a bad assumption. Could this be used to share a Grid to two hosts?

Actually 3. Do you ever sleep?

Congrats on the release!

this is great

out of curiosity, are there plans for a one>two that replaces that classic switch functionality? perhaps that’s less helpful now that ansible and teletype do so much in the eurorack space, but I’d I still think it makes sense in some use cases (swapping between ansible/teletype and norns, perhaps).

again, awesome work. love that it’s easily adaptable from 3u to 1u.

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thank you!

there are 4 USB ports: two USB-A for devices, one USB-B for host, and one USB-B to connect an external USB power supply (if you prefer to use that instead of eurorack power).

for your use case it won’t work - what you need is a 1 device to 2 hosts switch. even if you could use two > one that way (with USB adapters) it still won’t work as the host port doesn’t get power.

re: sleep - as a light sleeper believe me i value good sleep very highly! (especially after only getting 2 hours last night…)

no plans here i’m afraid. it would also be cool to have a two devices to two hosts switch.


Thanks for the USB-B clarification, sounds like I can use this “out-of-rack” if i’m out of hp space!

exactly! (just make sure you put it into an enclosure of some sort).
i should mention - one of the things i tested was powering it from an intellijel 1u usb module.


Now the dilemma figuring out if I were to want/need to use the rear USB-B to power things, what module it can sit next to that would allow the intruding USB cable to move into its space.

Or if someone with some 3d printing chops can draft up a cool external enclosure!

For that side of things, I wound up getting a Logitech K780 keyboard. It can switch between 3 different devices smoothly and instantly, via both Bluetooth and Logitech Unifying dongles (which work fine with Teletype).

added to modulargrid:


Does this use a standard 10 -> 16 pin cable, one of the full size 16 -> 16 pin, or something else?

it uses the full size 16-16 pin cable (included) as it needs +5V (which means you will also need a power supply that provides +5V power - i should test it with something like mutable volts).


I assume the answer is no, but if you’re currently getting noise from a grid, does this do anything to reduce noise if powering from the modular PS?

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I was also wondering this

we didn’t do anything specifically to address the noise issue, so i imagine it’ll be similar to existing setups - if you power it from the same euro busboard and you had noise before you’ll likely get noise with two>one (and if you were able to reduce noise by powering externally it should be the case with two>one powered from the same power supply).


thank you for the info!

so if I understand correctly this can sit outside my case being powered by usb. so I would need a 5v usb power supply, or could I just power it from my laptop?

yeah you can power it from a laptop or any usb power supply assuming it provides enough power.

apologies, this is taking longer than anticipated, figuring out last minute shipping details. expecting it to be ready mid or late next week, will post an advance notice here.


Looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

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