2 devices to 1 host eurorack switch: two > one

the store will be open this friday, january 18th at 7am Pacific Time. https://scannerdarkly.myshopify.com

there won’t be paypal checkout (as i would prefer not to support them), if for whatever reason you are unable to pay with whatever methods are available, select the alternative payment option and i will contact you with payment details. i will try to ship everything within 2-3 weeks. once it’s shipped you’ll get a confirmation email with tracking.

there will be 2 choices - one without a 1u faceplate and one with a 1u included. i’m not sure how much interest there is but let’s keep it to one module per person so that more people have a chance to get one.


Congrats to you on creating a Eurorack module! Looking forward to having one in my case. Definitely something that will improve my workflow. :slight_smile:


looking forward to picking one up eventually when i have money to put into eurorack again. thanks for sharing so much cool stuff with the world!


I set an alarm in my calendar for the release of the module, so now I feel like one of those kids preparing for the drop of a new pair of trainers - only waaay more geeky :blush:

Got mine ordered! :slight_smile:

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I wish you turned on Apple Pay though :stuck_out_tongue:

Now to wait for this and my TT back :smiley:

Ordered! The module looks stunning, very excited for it!

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Ordered :raised_hands: 20 characters etc…

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Did mine ship yet? :rofl:

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no, but you did get the 1st order :slight_smile:

all orders that include 1u faceplates and some orders for just the module will ship on tuesday or wednesday (USPS first class within the US), you will receive an email with tracking probably this weekend when i create shipping labels. the rest will be shipped a week later.


If anyone out there plans on doing a 3D printed case to run these outside of the rack let me know please!


Ordered a 1U module ! So excited ! Congratulations, again.

Many thanks for doing this - mines on it’s way :joy:

everybody who ordered should have received their tracking numbers by now, with the exception of 1 order that was requested to be shipped later, 1 order that i need to process manually and canadian orders (which i will ship this week).

all orders with 1u faceplate included will go out tue/wed/thur (forgot monday is a holiday in the US!). for orders that are just modules, if your order number is 1021 or less it will go out tue/wed/thur, the rest will be shipped the week after.

there is still a fair number of both options available, so if anybody wants more than one feel free to order more.


Dang I’ve got another week to wait. Pumped for it though :slight_smile:

Super stoked about this. Having spent some time this weekend creating a grid ops scene, I must have hot plulgged the keyboard and grid 100 times or more. Those days are coming to and end!


I know I tried to order. Had some kind of problem with Google Pay. Can’t remember at this point whether it eventually went through.

Did folks get an email confirmation I should check for?

yeah, there should be an email confirmation. if you PM me your details i can check!

Didn’t see any sign of one. Tried again, it went through now.

(…for probably the first time?)

yep, went through this time.