2 devices to 1 host eurorack switch: two > one


Ordered! Two! Thanks for making this happen :slight_smile:


heads up - only 5 modules with 1u faceplate included left.


shipping update:

the following orders have been shipped:

SD1027, SD1029, SD1033, SD1034, SD1036, SD1039, SD1042

some of the above have already been delivered, and the rest are all either in transit or out for delivery. all of the US orders that were shipped should arrive today or tomorrow according to USPS.

to clarify why some of the later orders went out first - those were the orders with 1u faceplate included which were ready to go.

the rest of the orders will be shipped Feb 4-6 (the plan was to ship them next week, unfortunately it had to be delayed by a week due to me being sick). please note that for some orders the shipping labels have already been created and you should have received notifications with tracking numbers by now. for orders starting with SD1043 i will be creating shipping labels end of next week, and everybody should get a tracking number by Feb 1st at the latest.

i apologize for the delay and will do my best to ship them out as soon as possible. if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


That’s fine - thanks for your sterling work! Get better soon.


Got mine today! Thanks @scanner_darkly! The build quality feels really solid


Got mine today great work!! @scanner_darkly


Arrived and working great, thanks!

I paired mine with one of these cheap usb switches

Sabrent USB 3.0 Sharing Switch for Multiple Computers and Peripherals LED Device Indicators (USB-SW30) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074TYDJK2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RuKtCbD6J3KJR

Connected this between Ansible/Teletype and Grid/keyboard connected to Two > One.


Mine two > one turned up today, and is looking gorgeous and working great! Thanks @scanner_darkly! Oddly the best open spot for it was next to Ears and it kind of matches that module’s colors, so they look really nice there together. :slight_smile:


Got mine too, looks lovely. Great job @MengQiMusic and @scanner_darkly! I hope you both would also reconsider doing a 1 device to 2 host version to fill the gap that monome Switch left. Curious – would that work if you plugged grid into an offworld ext power, then into the host port?

My skiff is pretty low on +5volt so I appreciate the option for external USB power. Going to get a usb a to b cable with right angle plug to make the most of the space.


i think in theory that should work but you have to absolutely make sure you don’t power two>one when you do this.


Seconded. I’m sure many of us would have use for this.


sorry, no plans to make a 1 device to 2 hosts switch…


Ok, not gonna force you. You’ve got a lot going on! :slight_smile:

Can’t help but wonder if you are hinting that you have no plans but somebody else does…

@MengQiMusic - please exist - switch?

It seems like a 1 to 2 switch could be a great community project ala TXn/nearness or Faderbank, but I’m not sure where to begin. Maybe this warrants it’s own thread?


ha, no, not hinting, just saying i don’t have any such plans. agreed it’d be a good community project!


I thought @tehn would do another batch of those…


Thought that referred to next batch of Ansible.


Or the next batch of Arc as I reread it now…



all remaining orders have been shipped (tracking will probably get a couple of hours to get updated). as a small way to appreciate everybody’s patience some randomly selected orders will have a little extra (sorry, wasn’t enough for every order!).

any new orders will now be shipped within 1-2 business days.


This a silly question to crud up this thread with, but what size hex key do I need for the front to switch out the panel?


1.27mm size hex driver