2 x Mangrove vs complex oscillator


I’ve also noticed @Jonny points with my Mangrove. After it’s been given an hour or so to warm up mine does seem to track well. The ‘pitch jump’ when plugging in V/8 really threw me for a while!

@weepwow If you’ve not checked it out yet, Plaits can do a lot of ‘complex’ osc stuff (wavefolding, FM etc.), and it’s rock solid tuning wise (joys of digital!).


Getting a better feel now for compatible tuning with the 2 Mangroves in my system (A-ok), with Sisters and Cold Mac, w/ (ordered Just Friends today) possibly getting a 2nd Sisters who knows. Overall very pleased at the prospect of creative sound ideas these great modules will be able to conjure up, I haven’t even had them for a month yet. (never enough time to spend). I am definitely on the mannequins bandwagon.


Awesome, glad you were able to get it sounding good!


I don’t have two Mangroves so I can’t speak to using a pair a a complex oscillator, but that concept is kind of how I feel when I patch the Mangrove and Three Sisters together. I’ve been thinking about Sisters as a carrier oscillator more than a filter, Mangrove as the modulator, and it opens up a lot of interesting timbres. Waveshaping on the Mangrove can almost be considered an equivalent for wavefolding but with a different sonic flavor.


I think in the long run, I will be down to just one mangrove. Its hard to justify having 2 of anything except for basic utility modules – VCA’s, adsrs, mixers etc. It’s an experiment for now.
So much good variety available in eurorack to have 2 of the same VCO’s, speaking for myself.


I’m sure we can find a good home for the second one if the time comes. :smiley:


I can totally relate as someone who hesitantly just ordered a second Mangrove. I’ve vowed to keep my rack contained to a single case(6U 104hp), so it’s difficult to justify duplicates. However, the good people of this community have been pretty convincing so we’ll see how it goes.


@analogue01 is making me want 3 Mangroves.


2X Mangrove + Instruo CS-L


I’m afraid to ask for an example…


ha! what did i do (other than post my modulargird)? :wink:


Get a Mangrove and a Three Sisters, which can be a lovely Filter or self-oscillate and give you some Cool Sounds too. There, no doubles, problem solved.


Three oscillators? Three Sisters? Yes.


Two Pieces For A Temporary Connection is what you did.

Now we need a 3x mangrove thread.


3x Mangrove is just the natural evolution of this thread. We knew it would reach this point eventually. Probably easier to change the title and start preparing for 4x.


104hp of nothing but Cold Mac


[queue last panel of brain enlightenment meme]

But seriously, I am set to receive a mangrove and cold mac this Friday. hoping to see what i can coax out of just 1 mangrove and a noise reap bermuda for now.


Does anyone have any strong feelings about an oscillator that DOES pair well with a Mangrove?


Right :wink:

Eventually the live sets on my bandcamp page will also catch up to the 3x mangrove era… currently still in the 2x era…


Just Friends makes a nice expander-slash-digital evil twin when you patch Mangrove’s square to 6n in transient or sustain mode.

not to jump too hard on the gear :heart_eyes: bandwagon, but I do plan to pair Mangrove with another one, since I think the formant out would make a great carrier and a great modulator