2 x Mangrove vs complex oscillator


Would also suggest to hold off selling until you’ve tried it with the mangroves. I’ve 2 mangroves and have had mangrove in combination with a ts-l, and I’ve to say, having an oscillator like the Dixie/ts-l really helps the mangrove to shine. With only 2 mangroves, I felt I always had to multiple the outs, and felt sometimes a bit limited in the sound palette, especially in the deeper bass areas.


My 3S seems to be extremely sensitive at the edge of self oscillation. I have to make seemingly infinitesimal adjustments to keep it at the sweet spot between runaway screaming and no sound at all.

Does that correspond to other folks’ experience?



Yep! Although actually my 3 Sisters tends to seem quieter than my Mangrove if I compare them? Could be just a question of different harmonic content…