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I’ve enjoyed the LCRP (Lines Community Remix Project) in the past and wondered if people were keen to do it again. I figure it’s easiest to just propose something and see how people respond!

So, how about we go back to basics and make this one where we contribute a pool of sounds and then make music using only those sounds. I know this will exclude some people who prefer to work with voltages and synthesis, but there’s always next time.

  1. Send me four sounds by 16 May.
    PM me a link or email via jetjaguar@nonwrestler.com.
    Upload Wav, AIFF, FLAC. Ideally specify sample rate and bit depth in the name, e.g. 48_24

  2. I’ll upload the pool of sounds somewhere and share a link with everyone who contributed.

  3. Send @Gregg something you wrote using only these sounds by the next solstice, 21 June.
    You can do whatever you like to the sounds and use as few or as many.
    You can email gregg@hermetechmastering.com. Send tracks via whatever is best for you (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, private link etc.) but make sure it doesn’t require an account. Gregg doesn’t have a Google account, for example.

  4. @Gregg will master the album enough to get it online

  5. @papernoise and @jasonw22 will do the album art

  6. The finished album will end up at https://lcrp.bandcamp.com/



Sounds good to me. How long should the sounds be, and in what format?

Do you know that we have just finished a new LCRP edition working with trackers?


Not sure how I missed that, but I did! Very cool. I’ll have a look at it properly.

As long or short as you like, in any of WAV, AIFF, FLAC?

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I’m in. Fwiw I used bandlab’s mastering tool on the Tracker Jam and was pretty impressed with the results.


Sounds cool to me. Can I participate?

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Sounds cool, I want to join

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Great, anyone with an account is welcome!

Since I did not make it for the tracker one, I’d like to try again with this one! Back to basics sounds very good to me and mashing up samples is what I like to do best!


Haven’t done one for a good few years but I am in. Will work on some sounds this week

@steveoath Wow I use cakewalk as a daw but didn’t know about the free mastering tool. Cheers, I’ve been paying for Landr like a chump!


20 chars of I’d like to join!

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Maybe it could be an idea to come up with a standardised formatting for the sample file names. What do you think?

Something like: artist – category – samplerate – name


Keen to join after not having done anything for years.


Also, I would be willing to work on the artwork!


20 chars of I’m in too! Thanks!

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The tracker compilation was really good for forcing me to finish something, and I’d like to keep up the momentum. So I’m in!

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Fantastic, that would be great!

add me, I’m in. Looking forward to it.

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I would also like to participate!

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20 you-know-whats of I want in! Thanks

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