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I’d like to participate!
Should we limit the amount/type of sounds submitted per person? Something like 3 samples per entry max. one sample with harmonic content, one more percussive, one textural/other. I’m down for an infinity pool of samples too.

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My original post just said 4 sounds and I’d like to leave it that open. You’re welcome to put whatever limits you like on yourself. Whatever makes it interesting.


Like some people before in the thread, haven’t finished anything for years and completely failed with the tracker jam, so I’ll raise my hand for participation until I finally get something finished one day :slight_smile:

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I’d like to join in on this too. thanks!

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:raised_hand: would love to! stoked to hear what happens

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This file naming idea got a lot of likes…

So feel free to do this.

Just to check: is it important to people that you know who provided which sounds? If so, that could be a minimum part of the filename.

And do we need to specify sample rates? I feel like most applications detect this kind of thing correctly? But perhaps I’m in a lucky minority that hasn’t had problems with this.

I’m due. Time to dig into my samples :slight_smile:

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YES, i love stuff like this

Any limit to the length of the samples?

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i’m in… been way too long!


I missed the recent tracker project and would love to participate here. Though I am not sure what kind of samples are expected for a Remix Project - is it small phrases that could make a rudimentary song, like a beat, a sequence and some ambient noise to cut and rearrange? Or just samples like in snippets of single sounds?

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I’d like to participate too!

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Would love to try. Some questions regarding samples:

  • I don’t have a lot of my own samples, just some downloaded from splice, is it ok to use them?
  • Can I participate in the remixing part in case I can’t find appropriate samples?
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If it helps…

Ive submitted the following sounds. A vocal, a noise, 2 drum hits. In LCRPs of the past we’ve had everything from radio interference to birdsong to melodic loops. No limits really.

I’ve used my phone to record weird noises around the house before. Can get some strange results from that (in a good way!!).


There’s no genre or stylistic constraints on the music we make, so I would not worry about what is appropriate.

Just submit some crappy noises. :laughing: They don’t have to be fancy.

Could be four drum hits, a sine tone, a spoken word thing, whatever. They do not need to be composed musical parts or whatever. But they can be if that’s your idea of a good time.

Don’t be afraid to just record something with your phone.


Not all hardware samplers enjoy different sample rates. If anyone intends to port stuff in modules such as Morphagene, they’d need to work extra to figure out if it’s at the required 48Khz. I think it’s a good idea to keep the info in.

Anyway, seems like a good idea all around. I’m in!

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20 characters of very excited in!

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I’d love to praticipate on something like this!

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It’s been ages, since I joined a lcrp… I am in.


I’m doing it! Fun time in shitty times.