(2008) 256 Walnut Grid obsolete in 2019?

any clarification on this? I’m using /grid/led/level/map in a script which is working for both varibright folks and my 2010-ish walnut mono-bright, but it isn’t lighting up a greyscale 64 grid. I believe I’m sending 15 for on and 0 for off.

(using max and a modded serialosc object)

that moog has cv in.

hmm, what is the version of serialosc installed in the system?

Then this should
Work in norns too.

If it doesn’t, or the default behavior is not ideal, That environment is very easy to customize.

Just wanted to add that Ive had great success with using my 64 walnut with norns. I am not a programmer by far, but have had great results in modding mlr, who is made for a 128 varibright, to fit my use.

that might be a good thing to check on (paging @dude )

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walnut monobrite
show me all i need to know
please play nice with norns

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